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Deadly Class - Stigmata Martyr - Review + POLL

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Need a refresher? Read my recap on the previous episode here.

After last week's breathtaking episode, "Stigmata Martyr" slows things to a simmer, but a brutal one at that.

Chico's body has gone missing, although viewers know that crazy sadist Chester has his hands on it based on the final scene of episode five. But even though his body has yet to be recovered, everyone has their suspicions about what happened to the missing cartel lord. The prime suspect is the real suspect: Maria.

Master Gao, a woman who is quickly becoming a thorn in everyone's side (I mean ugh, really, Brandi is the student she's going side with?) has no problem with tormenting Maria for the confession she wants, although she doesn't get it. And no one else who was involved that night is fessing up either. At least they're all loyal to each other.

(Katie Yu/SYFY)
Gao is pissed. Not only at the circumstances surrounding Chico, but the greater problem his disappearance means for the school. To her, the instructors have gone soft. The students aren't being treated harshly enough. I mean this is a woman who keeps naked human-furniture in her office so at least she's consistent. Master Zane is humiliated in front of his entire classroom for failing Brandi after she demonstrates her flagrant racism.

And Maria is suffering more than anyone, even after avoiding getting caught (for now). We learn that she is actually bipolar and has been shirking her medication in the aftermath of Chico's death, something she clearly isn't coping with well at all. Marcus, her new boyfriend, is honestly, not much help. I'm having a hard time believing Marcus actually has genuine feelings for Maria. If anything, I think they just got caught up in the trauma of Chico's death and the fact Maria murdered him to save Marcus's life but he isn't exactly the most comforting of boyfriends.

(Katie Yu/SYFY)
I get it, he's never been in a relationship before, but by episode's end, Marcus has almost kissed Saya, Maria has almost killed Marcus for potentially cheating on her, and the two succumb into a messy, somewhat stomach-churning, sexcapade in a crypt.

I thought the sex scene between them was ill-timed, though it does demonstrate Marcus's lack of societal awareness. But clearly Maria was extremely emotionally vulnerable and he had just learned of her mental disorder. I wish he had shown some restraint and consoled her rather than getting physical. It'll be interesting to see how the show handles this moving forward.

Though I think things are going to get worse, much worse, before they get any better considering Chester has all kinds of freaky plans cooked up for Marcus and Co. This week he is trying to make a film (?) that involves him murdering two people and writing "Fuck Face" on the wall. Honestly, I don't know if the writers were just trying to give us more reasons to believe Chester is a psychopath but its been established enough. I didn't gain much out of this sequence and it left me more confused than anything. By the end we also learn he keeps humans dressed in animal suits in cages. Yeah, no comment.

(Katie Yu/SYFY)
But he also leaves Marcus with an ominous threat. He has three days to find Chester and let him exact his revenge for stealing his reputation and life, or Chester will take Chico's head (if anyone had any doubt Chico was really dead here is your proof in all its Sleepy Hollow glory) and expose Maria as the true culprit. At one point Chester claims he has a source that let him know all the information he needed about Marcus and his friends but I couldn't quite figure out who the camera was panning to the in the cage, or if the show was trying to hide the persons identity with the mask and quick cutaways. Regardless, Marcus and the lives of all his friends hang from Chester's creepy fingers and that is probably the worst place to be.

(Katie Yu/SYFY)
This week's animated backstory belongs to Maria. It's becoming increasingly obvious why Deadly Class has chosen to integrate these colorful sequences into the show. These kids have had brutal upbringings. Most of these sequences would be costly to produce in live-action, not to mention hard to watch. While we've heard Maria's backstory alluded to across the season, it's even more horrific to see it in full detail.

Her entire family was murdered in front of her as a child with a young Chico actually being the one to shoot her father. Chico's father, known as Diablo, is a powerful cartel leader who is responsible for the slaughter. Maria's own pregnant mother is burned alive. Then to make matters worse, her father is strung up in the town square and crucified as a thief. The only reason Maria isn't killed too is because Chico asks his father to keep her alive. Why? Because she could be "useful." And thus we see why Chico always had power over her in his sick and twisted way.

Odds & Ends

- I admit I found the scene where Billy gets Deluca to tie him up and "call him rude names" somewhat humorous although darkly so. Master Gao approved, stating "we need more of this" when she witnesses it. But does Billy walk around with a handbook full of rude names to be called by the right woman?

- Even though Brandi is the worst, I gotta admit killer pompoms are a pretty awesome weapon.

- Luke Tennie is adorable when he smiles. Will Willie and Gabrielle last? With the way this show is going? Happiness is short-lived. But I'll enjoy it while I can.

- Shabnam gets on Victor's bad side (does he have a good side?) Marcus interrupts a brutal bullying session to come to Shabnam's aid but instead of being thankful he's pissed at Marcus for interfering. I get it, now Victor is going to come at him twice as hard but dude, don't alienate your only friend!

- Despite claiming his wife and daughter are dead, Master Lin opens a secret stairway from his office that leads him to what appears to be a comfortable suburban house. His wife and daughter come out to greet him! Wasn't expecting that although thoroughly confused as to what it all means.

(Katie Yu/SYFY)

Favorite Lines

Billy: All our asses are riding on his boner!
Maria & Marcus: [Exchange glances.]
Billy: No! You know what I meant.

Master Zane: We're training assassins not pieces of shit.

Petra: She had you hog-tied and weeping with a riding crop up your ass.
Billy: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Marcus: Little bitch or big bitch, I only have two gears.

A new episode of Deadly Class titled "Rise Above" premieres February 27th on SYFY.

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