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Siren - The Arrival - Advance Preview

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Siren is very much a show that crept up on me last year. Freeform did a decent enough job in promoting the show, but the campaign left me a little confused over what exactly the show was about and as a result I wasn't exactly keen on watching. In fact, had it not been for my Internet unintentionally cutting out one Sunday last year leaving me with nothing to occupy myself but board games, bonding with the parental and cleaning out my viewing folder? I probably wouldn't have given the show another chance.

I am of course extremely glad that I did because Siren ended up being among my favourite new shows of 2018. Sure towards the end of the first season it lost steam a little bit as a result of being one episode too long, but the second season finally arrives on the 24th January and I'm pleased to report that it is indeed as awesome as you'd hoped.

Whilst I have watched the opening two episodes of the season, as this is a weekly advanced preview I'm just going to be covering the premiere here, spoilers will be few and far between because I think this is one of those premieres that works best with as little information as possible, and as with the last preview that I wrote though this time due to an extremely busy schedule, I probably won't be able to answer any comments left below but you can still feel free to speculate (And for those who are new to my Siren previews/reviews, I love Ryn/Ben/Maddie as the ot3 that should always be so please no questions on any love triangles or demeaning comments in any characters direction because I will ignore)

Since the first season ended, Ben has been trying as hard as he can to manage with the Siren song stuck in his head. He's not doing well with that at all, and takes to scaling a mountain without any of the appropriate headgear or even shoes, loses his footing and almost ends up dying. He and Maddie aren't really speaking with each other, and neither of them have really come into contact with Ryn either, who is still staying with Helen. It's one of those situations where Ben and Maddie are doing the best that they can, but it is extremely awkward, everyone knows they're not talking to each other even if they won't actually say that, and being our sweet summer child that she is Ryn does of course miss them but understands she needs to keep her distance.

So instead of hanging with them, she's with Helen and trying to better understand the human way of life. She's probably never going to be winning awards for the best regional sales assistant anytime soon, and can barely grasp the concept of money, but Ryn has come a long way since the pilot.

Obviously Ryn/Ben/Maddie aren't able to stay away from each other for long. Ryn picks up on the fact there's a disturbance in the water that only she can hear, the sea lions down at the rescue centre aren't having the best time, and Ben/Maddie are soon launching a rescue mission to find Ryn who has gone off to investigate. They do of course find her, and also make an interesting discovery in the process as to what exactly is causing the disturbance in the water and who or what it is affecting.

We're introduced to one or two new characters, including Maddie's mum and a lady who quickly befriends Xander and Calvin. It'd be a fair reflection to say that the premiere is all about setting up the new season, new characters, new conflict whilst also keeping the story moving at a good enough pace that worked so well during the first season. The show hasn't lost its unique sense of humour, and the episode ends on an interest revelation.

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