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Legacies - Maybe I Should Start from the End - Review

This week on Legacies, Landon found his mother, which didn’t quite go as planned when she nearly tortured him. Hope and Alaric tracked them down. They saved him from a fish monster (which we all saw coming after all those fish puns, real subtle). Landon’s mom revealed to Alaric that she worked for a government agency that captured supernaturals and threw them in Malivore, erasing them from history, and then got thrown in herself. When she mysteriously found herself back in our world, she was pregnant, with no clue who the father is. In an attempt to save Landon, she jumped back into Malivore, erasing herself again but somehow Hope still remembers. Also, Landon found the second key, which started glowing. 

Favorite dynamic: As sad as I am that we only got limited interactions between Hope and Klaus on The Originals, I’m really enjoying the dynamic between Hope and Alaric. Hope has made it clear that he’s not her dad but he does kind of fill that void in her life. Sure, she does everything she can to push him away but when there’s trouble he’s also one of the few people she trusts. And you know it goes both ways, I’m pretty sure Alaric sees her as his almost-third-daughter or something, but one where the pressure to be the perfect dad is off. He may call her a pain but if she was in danger he’d jump in to save her in a heartbeat. I hope the show explores this dynamic more, despite the fact that the twins aren’t too happy about it. I’d also like to see more interactions between Alaric and his kids, we haven’t had too many of those either. And there are a lot of issues there that need resolving. 

Call me Switzerland: I wasn’t too crazy about Hope and Landon as a couple at first, but now I’ve gotten to the neutral stage. I don’t mind them together, but I don’t ship it either. To be fair, I don’t ship pairings as quickly as I used to so this may have more to do with me than them. I think my only real issue is how fast this is all happening. The transition from not trusting him to making out with him was just a bit too quick for me. Give me slow burn! But it is nice to see Hope care for someone again, especially after what happened with the last guy. 

For a minute: Was anyone else completely thrown off by that first flash forward scene? I totally thought they would end up in Malivore. I’m glad that was not the case, even though I’m pretty sure it’ll happen to a character at some point. But I’m much more intrigued by the current storyline. How is it that Hope still remembers? Is it because of her tribrid status? Something else? And this might have other implications for the future as well. A special connection to Malivore that’ll let her enter and leave or something? 

Who’s the daddy? It’s what we’re all wondering. More specifically, what is he? So far, I have no theories. None, whatsoever. This may be the first time that I’m completely stumped. I’m guessing that whatever powers were passed on to Landon, are still dormant at this point. It could be a species we’ve already seen (half-dragon would be so cool) or something new entirely. What are your theories? 
Best quotes: Alaric: “What’s the capital?” Hope: “We’re not in like 8th grade.” Alaric: “Oh, good. Then you should know it.” Hope: “I didn’t say I absorbed the information.” 
Hope: “You’re Professor X, I’m Wolverine.” Alaric: “I was more of a DC kid.” Hope: “Then you’re Batman and I’m Robin. Either way, you call the shots. So how do you want to do this? Fireball, wind torrent?” Alaric: “I was thinking we knock.” Hope: “They’ll never see that coming.” 
Hope: “Well, my first kiss was with a 90-year old vampire who helped murder my mother.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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