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Grown-ish - Girls Like You - Advance Preview: "Living Openly and Honestly"

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Another week and another stellar episode of "Grown-ish". This time the topics of conversation are focused on how gender roles play in society and the feelings we all feel once we do something that we've never done or tried before. I'm personally someone who doesn't like stepping out of her comfort zone, but it's something that I'm working on every single day. I envy some of the characters of this show, because they are never afraid to show who they are and be who they want to be.

Zoey and Ana think that Nomi's strings of one-night stands is becoming more and more of an issue, while Nomi doesn't seem to see any kind of problem. While Zoey tries to talk calmly to Nomi about the situation, Ana takes it to the next level, labeling Nomi as a misongynist. I won't reveal what happens, but there is an interesting analysis by Zoey during this episode, when she witnesses Nomi's "moves" first hand.
I didn't really like Ana's behavior towards Nomi; I mean, I might get where she's coming from, but Nomi is just expressing herself and not purposely working towards taking down her own gender.

Aaron, Ana, Jazz, Sky and Vivek enjoy their night out by trying things that they have never done before. I have to be honest, I agree with all of the things they do except one. And yes, it's a debate that's been going on for ages and we should all talk about it in the comments section once the episode airs. For the record, my answer is no. Absolutely not.

I am not going to spoil anything, don't worry, but there are two moments in this episode that are super sweet and very real, one involving Nomi and one of her professors, and one that I absolutely cannot tell you about or I'll risk spoiling the scene for you and I will never do that.

I really enjoyed this episode. "Grown-ish" continues to deliver great storylines and even better performances by the entire cast. Every time I watch these new episodes, I find myself reflecting on what I've just watched, it's never a dull viewing, it always comes with an analysis, sometimes even an introspection which leads to self-awareness. It doesn't happen very often when watching a TV show and that's why I'm thankful for it.

Favorite line:

Vivek: "I never let the haters get to me!".
Sky: "Maybe you should".

"Grown-ish" airs on Wednesday on Freeform.

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