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Charmed - Keep Calm and Harry On - Review: "Revelations & Comebacks"

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Happy new Charming Year, guys! Charmed came into the new year with a smashing episode hitting all the right notes, delivering proper character development and moved the plot just in the right direction. The eventful outing was penned by Allysson Lee and directed by Vanessa Parise.

Let`s start this review with the not so complicated but still very intriguing part of the first 2019 outing, Mel and her new coven. The interactions between Mel and Jade weren`t that exciting this week, there were more setting up the stage for further outings as Mel and Jada kissed, Niko is seemingly back in town and we finally saw Fiona or what is left of her after her time in Demon Supermax. My excitement for Fiona introduction rose even further as I realized that she is going to be played by The Originals` breakout star Leah Pipes. I was very eager to see what Leah`s next new project will be and I am really happy she will start kicking but in the upcoming episodes of Charmed.

Charity`s and the remaining Elders` attitude towards getting Harry back was pushing Mel deeper into the Sacanna arms and Jade was spreading her arms width to embrace Mel. Usually, I felt more chemistry between Jada and Mel this time it felt a bit pushy and make it happen. Still, Niko`s reappearance is what sparked my curiosity cause she seems to be spying on Jada and that will bring her back into Mel`s life.

Macy meanwhile was teaming up with Galvin who finally turned tolerable as Macy took him under her charmed wing. Their interaction really felt more natural this time around with a good flow and progress. I didn`t expect that Galvin finding out the girls secret would improve his character this much. He fitted right into the world and his shenanigans with Macy were a true delight. Macy being triggered by Galvin`s reaction to her Virginity status was very sweet but the reactions on both sides felt authentic.

Macy: He had a better reaction to our boss being a demon.

Still, the couple jumped over this obstacle as well and is heading toward a stable relationship status. But the episode ended with a surprising twist as it was revealed that Mel and Maggie aren`t just half-sisters. And as this was a true shocker I am still not sure how this will all fit storywise. I do believe that the father Macy grew up wasn`t her real dad and that Marisol gave her away to protect her from her evil dad. But why would she then have another child with him? Eager to see what the writers want to achieve with this story. Push a torn between the sisters and Mel towards the Sacanna?

Last but certainly not least, there was Maggie who was unable to coup with her broken heart. Sarah is really killing it these last couple of episodes. Her performance and writing for Maggie opened up the character so much turning her into the break out star of the show. Maggie is relatable and carries the perfect amount of emotion to make you care about what happens but without it feeling too soapy. Her poor little soul was crushed and she emoted it perfectly. The "Pain go away" spell fitted perfectly into the story and Sarah portrayted the hell out of it. I liked how Mel was sensing how bad her sister was feeling and how her response wasn`t appropriate and out of ordinary.

The girls fight for Harry was vital to this episode and while I am happy with Harry`s return and how the writers executed it, Harry sticking around Tartarus for a bit longer could`ve been an interesting development, to for once see the sisters fight on without him and second to see more of Harry`s story. The girls face off with Dante and later with Alistair made my heart pump harder and while I expected it to go down differently between the girls and Alistair I am sure this won`t be the last we have seen of Craig Parker. I was impressed by the CGI they pulled of, Alistair`s Skull face looked impressive and the power fight of was intimidating.

Getting bits of Harry`s past was satisfying to a point but we definitely need a whole episode to see how his past unfolded and how he became a whitelighter. It doesn`t have to happen in this episode there are plenty of seasons to come ( I hope ). Am I a fan of Charity and Harry? Not sure yet. The writers are stiring up a lot of conflicts and I am unsure how they will be able to timely resolve all of them.

What are your thoughts on Charmed`s midseason return? What are you expecting from the paternity reveal? Are you excited for Leah Pipes as Fiona? And why is Niko back? Share your thoughts and opinions of this episode in the comment section down below and don`t forget to tune in next week for the Gina Rodriguez directed episode, "Witch Perfect" with Jaime Camil guest starring. Till next week.

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