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Legacies - Death Keeps Knocking on My Door - Review

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This week on Legacies Hope went inside the necromancer’s head to find answers on Malivore and got trapped. She locked Alaric in his office, which he didn’t like, and discovered that retrieving the knife is the first of 3 steps to unleash the gates of Malivore (did I get that right?). The necromancer tricks her and the first seal is broken. Rafael dealt with the resurrection of his dead girlfriend (you know, the one he accidentally killed) and got some closure. MG tried to feed on a human, lost control and got caught. Hope gets a message that Landon is in trouble. 

Too cool for school: After everything Hope has been through in her life, it has to be incredibly infuriating to be told to let the adults handle it. I wasn’t surprised that she took an interest in the necromancer. She’s seen her mother in the afterlife and knows that she’s at peace, but Klaus is a whole other story. I’m still a bit unclear about what happens to vampires when they die, now that the other side and that hell dimension thingy are gone. The necromancer said he was watching over her, but isn’t that kind of what the other side was? Can they please elaborate on this in the future? Anyway, it’s no secret that Hope has bottling up a lot of her feelings (I wonder where she got that from) and it’s starting to affect her decision making. It was really reckless to just dive into some ancient evil’s head. However, now that she knows her father won’t be at peace until she is, she’ll finally start dealing with her grief. While I do like dark, badass Hope, let’s let this girl be happy a bit more. 

Missing in action: So in case you didn’t notice, there were some absences this week. Landon was once again not seen. I may be the only one here but I didn’t really miss him that much. And they were obviously building up to him being in trouble as the cliffhanger. But I was surprised by the twins’ absences. I get that they probably need some time to deal with everything that happened since it was only a day later. But their complete absence from this episode was just weird. I would’ve expected them to at least have some interest in what happened this week. 

Flawed logic: Yeah, I have some issues with how the teachers are handling the vampires at the school. Specifically their diet. I really didn’t agree with what Dorian said. I think he’s projecting a lot of his feelings about Stefan onto the students. MG isn’t going to become a ripper because he’s impressionable. It’ll be because you’ve been starving him with animal blood and he doesn’t know how to deal with drinking actual human blood. I swear, there’s a metaphor for the US’ sex ed in here somewhere. If you feed a kid bread for years and then present him with a cake, of course, he’ll eat way too much. It’s the same with the vampires. And not to mention how much weaker the animal blood makes them. I thought the whole purpose of this school was to educate these kids on how to do this right. And yet, they’re not even telling them what they’ve been feeding them. 
You talk too much: I know I said I preferred a more interactive ‘freak of the weak’ rather than the dragons and gargoyle who were just ‘ra, ra, kill, kill’. But honestly, there’s a limit to that interactivity. The necromancer really loved the sound of his own voice. However, I do like that the last 2 monsters have had closer ties to the characters. It’s not just a monster of the week that adds little value, but Jo and this necromancer have helped further character development. So, more of that, please. 

Best quotes: Alaric: “Literally nobody knows who you are.” 
Hope: “Do you ever just say things once?” 
Hope: “Glad to hear even evil creatures don’t like nazis.” Necromancer: “Nobody likes nazis.” 
Hope: “First of all, oww.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again in January for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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