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This Is Us - Nine Bucks - Review: Beginnings + Poll

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"You make me feel like I'm home"

This Is Us is back! And boy was it missed! This time it seems crying depends mostly on your current emotional stability. I have to say I did not remember it being so funny, there were a lot of hilarious moments, many of which of course included Beth. There was also the inclusion of football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers Franco Harris and his family, which I imagine would only work if you're a big football fan so it might not resonate with everyone. We also get to see a little more of the future, we still don't know who "her" is but we see Toby's there, alone, and he's not sure whether "she" will want him there, and I won't venture any guesses here because it's still way too early to tell.

Back to hilarious Beth, she's convinced Kevin and Zoe are "knocking boots" and she swears on Oprah she won't bring up at Randall and Kevin's birthday party but she can't help herself and she talks in pretty harsh terms with her cousin while Kevin talks to the girls which made for a hilarious scene, later she makes up for it by making a donation to Oprah's foundation. When she finally gets the calm to talk to Kevin, she says she loves him and that's why she doesn't want them together, she says Zoe will break him, he, of course, ignores her but now I'm wondering what will happen here, are we headed for some big heartbreak with Kevin?

Deja seems to be having a hard time dealing with her mother leaving and the fact that her father doesn't seem to want anything to do with her either. So Randall takes her to where he found William to compare stories about missing fathers and ask if she wants to be adopted but it doesn't have the desired effect, she says he can't compare himself to her because she feels like she was never wanted. When they get back he says she's an exceptional person and he missed talking to her, which I think was a better way to go, but she seems still very much closed off, which makes sense after so much rejection.

Sill, it seems something gets through to her so she goes to see her father, to tell him she will make something of her life and he will miss it, and that she found people who actually want her and every plan weird conversations because they care that much, which again was hilarious. Then she asks for one last favor to buy Randall a gift that makes him forget to admonish her about sneaking out and then a better gift when she says they can sign the papers for adoption.

We learn Kate and Toby both have fertility issues and the Ob-Gyn tells Kate she can't take her on as a patient because of it and probably no one will. Kate is heartbroken, she tries to stay positive and fake her way through her birthday party but when she blows the candles and wishes so wholeheartedly she could have a baby, she can't take it anymore and opens up about how she's feeling in front of everyone. She says she feels no matter how hard she tries, her weight is always getting in the way of her happiness, and that she's tired of pretending everything's fine (Maddison saying the literal carrot cake was a bad idea was adorable).

When they get home they try to convince themselves IVF was a bad idea anyway, though it seems Toby meant it more than Kate, because right then get a call from the doctor to come back and Kate's beaming, the doctor says she didn't like crushing Kate's dream like that and she will take her on in spite of the risks. Kate is ecstatic but Toby's face says he's not so sure this is a good thing, seems like he really meant the "screw IVF" part and he doesn't like risking Kate's life or opening themselves up to further disappointment, so he decides to up their chances by not taking his antidepressants which we know will bring trouble.

We get to see Jack and Rebecca's first date, and the fact he asked his partner in crime for money when they were there to steal it was also kinda hilarious. The date starts great, but then things go south; first, because Jack doesn't have enough money and he doesn't want to let that show, and second, because every time Rebecca tries to get information out of him she hits a wall since his recent past is too tragic and he doesn't like talking about Vietnam.

Finally, the night is about to end when he opens up about his money troubles and how he feels he can't find his place but when they're talking he feels like he's home for the first time. And she's done for, she knows it wasn't a good first date but she likes the way Jack looks at her, so she kisses him and she leaves something in his car making sure they have a second date, but when he's going to pick her up it seems some old boyfriend comes right in time to discourage Jack, but we do know how this ends so there's not much anxiety there.

"That's a start"

What did you think of the premiere? Are you happy it's back? I look forward to your comments and I leave you with the favorite scene poll.

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