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The Good Place - The Brainy Bunch - Advance Preview

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Last week's two-part premiere brought Team Cockroach back together in Australia for a study exploring the effects of near death experiences, thanks to some handy little guidance and meddling from Michael. Unfortunately for him, it might not all be smooth sailing due to Shawn figuring out that Michael has been sneaking down to Earth without the Judge's permission, and Trevor also joining the study to get closer to Team Cockroach.

Ah, Australia, home of our existing characters trying once more to emulate the accents in a less than convincing fashion. If you liked a bit of that last week then you're in for a treat again. From the time jumps within the premiere, we should now be in at least 2017, if not 2018, but maybe news doesn't travel fast in The Bad Place because Trevor sure loves to bring up old pop culture/memes such as the Harlem Shake/ice bucket challenge/Damn Daniel as a way for them all to bond. I bet you can guess who is most on board with that.

In order to keep everything on track, Michael wants to meddle a little more, but will that be possible when he's already met the team as four different people (a bartender, a librarian, a donor and Zack Pizazz)? Possibly not, and especially not if Trevor wanted to expose Michael, which wouldn't be below him at all. So what is Michael to do to ensure the gang, the one that Trevor is now lovingly calling the episode's titular 'Brainy Brunch' doesn't deviate from his plan and also completely accept Trevor?

Having had the screener for the next episode as well, there is a reference to a character who is introduced in 'The Snowplow' that could again affect the group dynamics. If you think you can spot it then drop a comment in the review that will be posted following the airing of this episode.

The Good Place airs tomorrow night at 8.30 on NBC. Do you think Trevor will be accepted by the group and stick around? Let me know in the comments.

And until you watch the episode, here are a few of some of the funny lines in 'The Brainy Bunch':
"Every part of my body has either been too dry or too wet."
"Attention, everyone. Do not look at me."

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