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Speechless - L-O-N-- LONDON Part Two - Advance Preview

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Last week saw Speechless return for its 3rd season with the first of a two-part premiere. We discovered lots of things like Dylan and Kenneth are secret Royal fans. London is really inaccessible for disabled people. Ray is kind of cool when he talks like he's from California but that soon gets extremely boring. Maya is very much a chip off the old block and Martin is an absolute delight.

As you'll know, the DiMeo's traveled to London rather reluctantly in order to get money from Maya's estranged father to save their house. Much to their surprise Maya and Martin were able to rekindle, but unfortunately that happened without the true subject of the families visit coming to light.

Friday is the 2nd part of the premiere and there's very much an elephant in the room that needs to be addressed; will Maya be able to tell her father the real reason for the families visit, persuade him to give them money and the DiMeo's go back to America with everything still rekindle?

You'll have to watch Friday's episode to get an answer on that but 'L-O-N-- LONDON Part Two' is thankfully just as hilarious as part one. The episode begins with the DiMeo's trying to get a Queen's guard to break character and talk to them. Maya even takes the opportunity to try and use them for advice which doesn't exactly go well.

The DiMeo's find themselves being introduced to Maya's side of the family with rather mixed results. Ray puts his foot into it on more than one occasion and can't wait to go back home. Dylan also discovers a surprising fact and ends up being the centre of attention. Away from all that though is two very interesting but different stories.

JJ tries his best to act as Kenneth's wingman and set him up with women, and whilst on the surface it seems like JJ's just being his usual friendly self, there is something brewing underneath which leads to an extremely emotional conversation. If anyone has read the interview with the showrunner on what they have planned for this season, you might have an idea of this storyline, and it seems like it's going to be a season long arc which I'm looking forward to seeing play out.

Whilst the family was making fun of Ray last week for talking about his 'friend', Jimmy actually makes a friend this week in London. It's a really sweet storyline with some neat little twists which make Jimmy examine his life, and also plays into another plot. We also get to see Martin and Maya play a nice healthy round of chicken as they try to out do each other.

You can catch part two of the season premiere this Friday at 8:30pm on ABC!

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