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Legends of Tomorrow - The Virgin Gary - Advance Preview: Psychedelic Season Premiere

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Legends of Tomorrow returns with a rather strong season premiere. As per usual with this series, the first episode back is quite meta and because of that, it remains quite unpredictable. It has already been revealed that this season will focus on the aftermath of the events of the season three finale in the form of a flood of magical creatures that the team has to address. First up is a rather unusual take on a classic, docile mythological creature. Some may be forever traumatized when they see what this creature is capable of in the realm of this show.

The introduction of these magical creatures does prove the perfect entry point for John Constantine (Matt Ryan) to become a part of the core team even though working with a team isn’t really his style. He’s going to have to suck it up and deal with the Legends for the foreseeable future. If the ending of the episode is any indication he’s in for a long hard journey with this crew. Ryan continues to be brilliant in his portrayal of Constantine and there are some strong indications that he’s going to get to really dive deep into the character this season. Seeing as Ryan is now a series regular it seems like the creative team is prepared to double-down on character growth for Constantine.

Fellow newly minted series regular, Jes Macallan (Ava Sharpe) gets some terrific material to work with as well. The writers waste no time jumping right into setting the tone of Ava and Sara’s relationship in the wake of everything they went through last season. The promos have led many to believe that Ava and Sara get to experience some domestic bliss, and for once, CW’s promotional department did not mislead the audience. This couple has some really nice and sweet moments together that perfectly highlight the magnificent chemistry between Caity Lotz and Jes Macallan. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine, however, Ava and Sara still each carry a lot of personal baggage, but what they have is very sweet and feels genuine. Many of their scenes will likely leave fans of the couple swooning and others will leave the audience wishing Ava would hurry up and install better security locks on her apartment. There is a nice stability in their relationship this season that will hopefully help them weather all that is surely coming their way. They are clearly set up to be the heart of the show and if the writers continue writing the couple this way, fans should be very happy.

As for the crew of the Waverider, the team feels rather small with only five people currently inhabiting the ship. With neither Courtney Ford (Nora Darhk) nor returning series regular Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Amaya) appearing in this episode, the crew felt barebones. That does allow for some nice moments between the remaining characters that get paired off in fun teams. Tala Ashe (Zari) continues to be an MVP of the series and she has definitely made Zari an indispensable part of the team. She has a scene near the end of the episode that stunningly shows off her incredible emotional range. It is a scene that has an important message and it is beautifully acted. Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer), Dominic Purcell (Mick Rory), and Nick Zano (Nate Heywood) continue to prove to be a hilarious trio. Their characters get into some interesting situations. The audience gets to see some nice added depth to both Nate and Ray throughout the hour. The episode is a typical wild adventure, but it also has a surprisingly strong emotional element to it as well. Based on the name of the episode, it should be no surprise that Adam Tsekhman (Gary) also appears and Gary quickly gets himself into some precarious predicaments. One such predicament leaves him losing something rather significant. He is such a goofy sweet character that one can't help but feel for the guy when he gets thrust into these situations he is not at all prepared for.

The episode as a whole is a fun, campy psychedelic adventure to save an iconic event in history. There are some really great heartfelt moments and some hilariously ridiculous ones. The episode does a very good job of setting the tone for the season and setting up the overall arc. If this season premiere is any indication, this season is going to be one heck of a wild magical ride.

Don’t miss the season premiere when it launches on Monday, October 22nd at 9/8c on the CW following Arrow.

Hit the comments with your hopes for the season premiere. What are you most excited for? What topics do you hope the show will tackle this season? Can Sara and Ava survive the season as a couple? What will Constantine's place be within the team?

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