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Black Lightning - The Book of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry - Advance Preview

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Black Lightning is back….NOW, WHAT??

We are in chapter three of the Book of Consequences which is starting to feel like the book of no consequences. I need to see a clear direction where the story is going, right now things are all over the place, and this episode is entirely in the category of “what the heck.” This is an essential show that deals with issues in the black community, and I want it to keep being made, but they need to get it together. This is a slow paced episode where a lot of things happen that will leave you wondering what the end goal is.

The Pierces are back trying to help Jennifer get comfortable with her powers and also save the world form all the inequities. Jefferson is finally introduced to the new principal who is a jerk. We see a bit of interaction between Jefferson and the new principal, and it’s not pleasant. Changes are happening in the school now that there is a new boss. Jefferson staying on as a teacher will create some tension in the school for sure but that will be a slow process. Through Gambi’s help, Jefferson and Lynn get Jennifer to reluctantly meet with Perenna (Erica Alexander) to help her navigate this new reality. There is an excellent scene in a beauty salon that could only have worked of a show like this between Perenna and Jennifer.

Anissa has other things occupying her mind and Grace is one of those things. After a conversation with Jennifer about her relationship with Zoe B, it looks like we might see Anissa try to get back with Grace but I don’t know if that will happened; this show is confused on what to do with Anissa’s love life or the lack of. She also teams up with Gambi and has I believe one of the only awesome fight scenes in the episode. Odell convinces Lynn to work with a prisoner, which I am not sure is a good move. Odell seems a bit of a two-timer, so I am anxious to see how this plays out. Detective Henderson has a breakthrough that looks staged, but he informs Jefferson.

Pain Killer and Black Lighting rendezvous in this episode thanks to his mother. During this meeting, Black Lightning tries to reach through to Khalil and remind him of who he was before getting involved with Tobias. Their meeting doesn’t end as expected but and no one gets the answers they are looking for. Khalil is a little bit na├»ve especially when it comes to Tobias, I don’t think he understands how ruthless Tobias is yet. In several scenes, he is caught off guard, and he is also astounded by how heartless Tobias is towards him.

The episode has some twists that will surprise viewers because they come in from left field.

Don’t forget to watch Black Lightning on CW Tuesday 8PM CT

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