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Young Sheldon - Advance Preview - A High-Pitched Buzz & Training Wheels

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“A High-Pitched Buzz and Training Wheels” – After Sheldon dismantles the refrigerator to stop an annoying hum, he gets a paper route to pay for the repairs, on the second season premiere of Young Sheldon.

Welcome to a whole new season of Young Sheldon. As we say goodbye to The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper is still well safe and alive in his spin-off.
In the season premiere, our little hero goes to war with the refrigerator. Some people are more sensitive than the others, but Sheldon seems to know/hear/see everything. In the episode, we see a very different Sheldon at some point. We know from The Big Bang Theory the relationship with his dad has never been easy and the season premiere put an interesting point in this. Every child needs support from his/her parents, even a little kid like Sheldon. On the contrary, mom Mary is over protective as always. 
I can't help but Iain Armitage is so cute. Some of his facial expression are similiar to Jim Parsons's. And I know it's been only a couple of months since last episode aired, but those kids have grown up, especially for Montana Jordan!

Some teasers from the episode:

- Hey, what's that sound only Sheldon can hear?
- We learn something about Sheldon's friend, Tam Nguyen.
- Sometimes math can be useful to create the perfect newspaper fold.
- Finally some classic rock music.
- What is a raven doing downton?

Some quotes from the episode:

"While I may be not a X-Men material, I've always possess an unisual high senses."
"Good morning!" "Are you trying to kill me?"
"What makes you think you could do this?" "I'm smart."
"My little boy is out there in the dark!"
"I'm a very complicated person!"

Are you going to watch Young Sheldon this season? Share your comments below.

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