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One Dollar - Ken Fry - Advance Preview

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One Dollar is one of the CBS All Access shows that has not hit it with the audience right out the door, but honestly, this is not new with any CBS show. Many times their shows are slow to catch on but can have longevity. I will admit that One Dollar is a little hard to fall in love with, but it can sustain itself if the writers can figure out how to mesh everything smoothly. As of episode two, there is still a bit of a struggle, but we start to see the connection between the people that come into contact with the dollar bill. The plot revolves around these people, and hopefully, it will all come together at the end.

Previously on One Dollar.....

Let's look back at what happened in the first episode, which did a great job of introducing the majority of the key players. So, we know there is a murder investigation that is going on albeit very cavalierly in my opinion. If you paid attention around the twenty-second minute of episode one you picked up on a significant clue about the murders. The only reason this puts things together is what happens when Chief Trask and the Rookie Toni are visiting with Bud “Pops” at the mill, and he expresses his concern about the murders. We also know there is a connection between Garrett and Rick based on their brief chat outside the quick mart at the beginning of the episode. Dannie and Tyler had a late night rendezvous that ended up putting Garrett in proximity to the murders. This all feels confusing, but if you are a keen viewer, everything is easy to patch together.

In episode two titled "Ken Fry", we meet “Walmart” who was the last person to be in contact with the dollar in episode one. Fry is a professional yard thief for lack of a better word that is aggrieved after Walmart came into town and built a superstore that put his store out of business. Other things most importantly rich people frustrate Fry. It is well known in the police force that he is trouble, but everyone thinks he is harmless including Chief Trask. Fry owns a cube truck, which will be an essential piece of the puzzle in the show. Rick and Fry also know each other, and their relationship might be more profound than we are privy to. In a conversation with Terri who has a child with Rick, we learn some things that could be eye-opening. The episode quickly reveals several people who might have been involved in the murder. A vague conversation between Bud and Garrett sheds some light on what might have happened the night of the crime. Dannie is the worst, and you will see in this episode several things she does that make no sense. She manages to track Garrett and what ensues from their initial meeting is the dumbest thing I have ever seen on a TV show, and I have seen more than I can count. Dannie is only eighteen years old, and her interest in Garrett and the murders seem a bit off. There is a scene where she makes a poor judgment that could endanger Carrie. We see how protective Garrett is of Carrie however he also makes questionable decisions.

Jake is still trying to finesse his way into the investigation and manages to convince Toni to meet with him. He sheds some light about Chief Trask and gives advice to Toni, which helps the Rookie, one up Chewey. I am not a fan of Chewey, but he comes through for Toni at a very crucial point. I must say though that the cops in this show make everything seem like a joke. They make the worst stupid mistakes that which surprisingly enough help the investigation along. One of the most surreal things to happen is between the Rookie and Walmart. He manages to outwit Toni in a scene that will leave you upset. There is also a scene that involves Chewey and a warrant that made me want to hit my computer with a hammer. Jake manages to connect Dannie and Tyler's whereabouts the night of the murder. In his sleuthing Jake discovers a different truck that will change the investigation but only he is aware of this. The end of the episode we see the dollar exchange hands again from Walmart to a character that we get to know a little in episode three which is titled "Carol Seerveld."

Don’t forget to watch One Dollar on CBS All Access Thursday

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