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BALLERS - Forgiving Is Living - Review

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BALLERS - Episode 34 - Forgiving Is Living

Spencer and Joe discuss the firing of Lance from the end of the previous episode. Joe suggests that perhaps Spencer overreacted. Spence says Fuck'em, what do we need him for? Joe wonders if he was stealing from them or just over spending? Spencer thinks whats done is done, Joe should get over it and get in the Jaguar. Joe does and they drive away.

The boys walk into the Sport X building thinking Lance played it too fast and loose and that they don't need that shit in their lives. Joe wonders what they're going to do? Spence puts on a brave face and says rally the troops! Except its practically a ghost town inside, everyone's jump shipped with Lance. Jess tells the boys on her way out the door Lance has started up a new company and almost everyone has gone to work over there. Spencer gets her to stay as he goes to call Lance.

Spencer gets Lance on the phone but Lance just laughs at him. Spencer reminds him that they own his assets. Lance counters with the ever classic Sue Me! Spencer says that he will but is then put even lower when the King, Kelly Slater gets on the phone at Lance's place and tells him that he's sticking with Lance. Spencer is pissed and is ready to go to war!

Ricky Jerret is working out with Randy Couture from the UFC and sports reporter Jay Glazer. He's punching hard and generating a good sweat. He talks to the fellas about his retirement. They question his guts a little bit, what drives him, really? His motivation. He tells them in all honesty he'd rather play ball than sit around his house waiting to die. He continues to train.

Spencer and Joe work their phones calling clients, trying to salvage their business. They reach Travis Pastrana but he's sticking with Lance, then jumps out an airplane with no chute on. Spencer talks to Tony Hawk but he's sticking with Lance too because he suggested the name for Tony's video game. Spence talks to surfer Laird Hamilton but he's gonna stick with Lance as well. Spencer asks Jess to make a list of all the people who are staying. Jess negotiates and gets a promotion to Manager. She agrees to step in to keep the place running. Just then BAM the Sport X cable channel goes dark. No more surfing videos, just blue. Joe and Spencer head off to handle the problem.

Super agent Jason is driving when he takes a call from his client Kasan. Kasan's girlfriend is freaking out on him because she saw a pic that Jason's girlfriend Donna posted online. The pic has a strange girl all over Kasan and his steady is not having it. Kasan asks Jason if he told his girl he knew about the Tiger Woods incident. He initially denies it but eventually admits he's totally insecure and of course he talked to her about it. Kasan demands Jason fix the situation or lose his number.

Spencer and Joe walk into the studio and find the ship unmanned. One guy is on a VR headset on the couch while another is clueless in the control room. They reveal Lance said to go dark so they did. Spencer is furious. He demands they put some kind of board, or something on the air immediately. Jess calls with a bit of good news and reveals that she has found their surfer Parker after hacking into his phone and stalking him a bit.

At the beach! Surfers are everywhere as Joe and Spencer walk along the pier until badass football player and co investor Terrell Suggs calls. He's heard about Lance and the whole situation and is worried about his money. He's pissed about the shake ups and wants out. He tells them he wants his money back. Uh oh. Not good. The boys find Parker and talk to him about Lance and everything going on. They pitch themselves as his management super hard. Joe says he knows what Parker's feeling. Parker challenges him and Joe answers "confused". Nope, Parker says, "horny". Joe says Fuck! he's 19 of course he's horny. Ha! Parker likes the guys but decides he's just going to stay on his own. Cool, no hard feelings.

Ricky comes home and talks to his buddy TTD. He asks if the guys gave him any advice at the gym. Ricky says they did and asks T to punch him in the face. Very Fight Clubish. TTD refuses until Ricky slaps him and then he hauls off and punches him in the face. Ricky takes it and tells T, yeah he might be ready for that comeback now.

Joe and Spencer are at the bar and Joe can't stop apologizing for bringing Spencer into the deal with Lance. He declares "our lives are over!" Spencer doesn't think so and launches into a story about his family but Joe cuts him off stating that he has no family so those stories don't work for him. Spencer smooths him over and tells him that he's rubbed off on him a bit and that he realizes he made a mistake in firing Lance and that he's going to go talk to him. See if perhaps he can salvage the situation.

Jason comes home with a Chanel bribe for his girlfriend Donna. He tells her that the pic she posted, on purpose, of Kasan and the other girl was not cool. He straightforwardly comes right out and says that what he really really wants is for her to lie for him. In a Godfather way he says that she messed with his business so she needs to make it right. Its his business.

Spencer and Joe arrive at Lance's new HQ and it is going off. Delivery trucks are everywhere and employees hustle and bustle. They find Lance and he asks them how life is at the chocolate factory without Willy Wonka? Spencer mans up and apologizes. He tells Lance that he overestimated his importance and that he'd like him to come back to Sport X. Lance is dumbfounded. He gets Spence to repeat himself but then tells them there is no way he'd come back. Especially since he got himself a whole mess of new financing. But he does graciously offer to buy back his old company from them at fifty cents on the dollar. Joe and Spencer debate taking the deal with Joe eventually dropping a surprise change at the last minute and telling of Lance to go fuck himself. Spencer laughs at the turn of play and chuckles that they'll make it work on his way out.

Later on Spencer walks down a hotel hallway. He uses his card to enter the room. Woah. Inside waiting for him with a drink is Jason's law school friend and mother of NFL QB prospect, Jada. He tells her his day was cruddy and she responds with her client was convicted of murder. She wins! They clink glasses and CUT TO BLACK. Ooooooohhhhh Spencer is being naughty.

Wow there was a lot of cameos this episode. They certainly got some big wigs to come out and make an appearance and it was fun to see these guys being themselves. We'll see if they and everyone else sticks around for the resolution of the battle of the X sports companies!

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