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Marvel's Iron Fist - Season 2 - Advanced Preview: Abel & Cain Marvel Edition

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I won't lie, you will hear: " I am the Immortal Iron Fist " in the first 6 episodes of Marvel's Iron Fist sophomore season but this time it isn't a bad thing. From the first 6 episodes of this season an obvious improvement is visible and if the show continues with this major steps, it could outrank the second seasons of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, in the general Marvel-Netflix verse ranking at least in my opinion.

Season two of Iron Fist feels a lot darker and stronger at the same time, as the writing asked for the actors to majorly step up their game. But most importantly it is fast-paced, engaging and but still carries the essence of the characters that weren't exploited enough during season 1.

I will start this preview with a major Alice Eve praise. I saw her in some movies before and thought she was solid, likable but the character she is playing here is dangerous, thrilling, mysterious but at the same time vulnerable and captivating. The level of acting she delivers is just at another level. But she isn't standing alone on that pedestal. Jessica Stroup's Joy is giving Mary a run for her money. Joy isn't the fighter in this story. She like most of our characters is damaged and trying to coup with the betrayal she suffered from Ward and Danny last season. So the team up with Davos initially seems like a good decision and what is most importantly gives Jessica the space to shine, she presents and emotional range that I was expecting in season 1, but was neglected as she was a character who got played with while now she is a character that plays the game and she does a hell of a job.

And while the true Abel vs Kain theme is going on between Davos and Danny, the issues between Ward and Joy are just as captivating. While Joy at times seems a bit spoiled, irrational and overreacting the strains between her and Ward feel so real. Ward is on his way to recreate his life and tries to live it straight. In his attempt to make things right with Joy he oversteps but luckily Tom is so loveable while bathing in his self-pity that you just cheer the whole time for him. Besides that his whole bromance with Danny is one of the best things the show delivers this season.

While the bromance between Ward and Danny is strong, the Daughters of the Dragon, Colleen and Misty, are just as good. Misty with her shiny personality and blasting one-liners is a pure joy to watch. The way they use her this season is so important and delivers quite the character development for Colleen. But not that Colleen needed her. The writers right of the bat introduced an individual arc for Colleen and showcased her internal struggle really well. The betrayal from season 1 & events of Defenders put a major scratch on her soul and look at life. While she tries to put the normalcy in the world of Danny Rand it really doesn't go as planned, especially after Davos executes his big plan.

Season 2 of Iron Fist really digs deep into who Davos is and how he became who he is. We are served with some interesting flashbacks revealing more of what happened in K'un-Lun and it's a bloody adventure. Once again we see the story of a villain who isn't born evil, the evil within him was made. It didn't originate from a bad place it originated from a dynasty of laws and orders who shaped his life and sense of who he is and what is right.

Last but not least there is our protagonist Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist. There is a little discrepancy between the Danny who we saw in Luke Cage's second season and the one we meet here ( if you don't care or haven't watched LC season 2 you can skip this paragraph). The Danny we met in LC was much more at peace with himself and the world around him. Danny Rand of Iron Fist is troubled and triggered by the events of Iron Fist and Defenders, there is a mention of the Defenders sacrifice and it is very well placed and gives depth to his character and the story he is going through.

Still the story between him and Davos is at the center and as already said it is well layered with the flashbacks and the path to who they are now. Finn Jones raises to the occasion. He really turns it around this season and shows more layers and character traits. His scenes with all characters including newcomer Alice Eve are strong and feel refreshing.

And while all the characters are wrapped into their own issues in the city of New York a clan war is brewing on multiple fronts and its well placed with the general story. The fights and coordination are much better and fluent this season, especially the girl's work. They are blasting fists right and left and I'm loving all 4 of them.

I`m very pleased to hear that this season only has 10 episodes. 4 more outings are just the right amount for this story to pan out the right way, without unnecessarily dragging out the story.

That's a wrap on my side guys. I hope you've enjoyed this preview and will tune into the second season when it premieres on Friday, September 7th. Meanwhile, you might drop some Qs in the comment section I might answer them.

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