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Killjoys - O Mother Where Art Thou - Review

'O Mother Where Art Thou' was a reflection of what this show has stood for over its run - family.

The large part of the episode revolved around the pulsar both in the past when Aneela's parents, Khylen and Yalena visit, and then in the present when John and Dutch drop by.

The conversation between Yalena and Dutch lacked any kind of emotional beats that resonated, but the one part of the exchange that did speak volumes was how Dutch called Aneela family. This is a newfound love that had not been verbalized until this very moment, all brought on by the antagonism of their common enemy, The Lady.

It was also nice to get some insight into the relationship between Khylen and Aneela's mother. At times we are led to believe this family is dysfunctional, and they may be to a certain extent, but the love between them all is real. Khylen has always acted in the interest of Aneela and later in life, Dutch.

Last week D'avin called Khylen training Dutch to be akin to abuse, but when an evil force such as the Lady is after him and his kids, training them to protect themselves is the only thing he can do to ensure their safety. Like Yalena said, he lost his charm, but not his heart.

Elsewhere was Pree who eventually saved his Gare Bear, and then stealing the surveillance off of the RAC. The two of them, especially, Pree continues to be a blast to watch, though the most humorous moments of this episode actually came from Weej. His "what is love?" out of nowhere, as well as him channelling Turin to convince Pree and Gared he was on their side, was pure comedic gold.

'O Mother' also laid some intriguing developments ending the episode with the reveal that the Hullen after young Jaq, who is with D'avin on their way to his home planet. Last we saw, D'avin was pushing away Dutch because of how she was training his son, though as he will surely find out in episodes to come she is the surest bet to keep the kid alive.

Also, the Hullen are extracting the green goo from the kidnapped children? While Dutch now has the weapon to destroy the lady. 'O Mother' was not the most memorable of episodes this season, but it sure laid the groundwork for what is sure to be an explosive last few episodes.



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