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Shades Of Blue - Cry Havoc & Goodnight, Sweet Prince - Double Review: Crazy

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"Nothing will ever be the way it was."

Cry Havoc

Cole’s ridiculous plan apparently works immediately, he convinces Ramsay he didn’t talk so Ramsay makes him kill Bennet, the “real” rat, to prove his loyalty, which Coles does a little too quickly. The good thing is Harlee learns they’re planning on breaking Enrique out of jail and she tells Woz (who seems fine in spite of his wife’s anger) and he thinks maybe with Bennet dead Harlee has some peace, but it doesn’t look like it, it’s more like she’s just tired of it all, which has been a recurring theme lately even though this time she falls the other way, thinking she misses the crew enough to leave any ideas of innocence behind. Cole wants to meet but Harlee gets a call from Agent Myers so Woz goes in her stead to see if they can get Enrique before Ramsay and make a plan.

"What’s the matter? I’m not curvy enough for you?"

Tess and Tufo get put back together thanks to Ramsay’s gesture of good faith towards Tess but she doesn’t tell him the truth which doesn’t look good for her loyalties. Also not great news, it seems IA has been shadowing the team. Verco says he has to keep up appearances that he’s investigating them, so Woz goes along and makes a mess so Verco can suspend him and make Ramsay think he’s got the upper hand so the team will be free from oversight to get Enrique if Woz is the only one investigated.

"Putting my trust in the FBI has never worked that well for me."

Katie is asking what Stahl wants word by word but then he starts punching low talking about Christina and she realizes she doesn’t want to go that route. Stahl gets frustrated and decides to do the work himself kidnapping her right when the team was supposed to get Enrique. He says it’s to save her from herself, from slipping back into her own ways, so he tries to record her saying she killed Miguel, but she manages to break free.

Without Harlee to drive the decoy van they decide to grab Enrique at a different point and burn Cole, once Harlee gets there she warns Cole that Ramsay knows he's the mole and they get him right on time. The crew manages to get Enrique too but a kid sees them, Harlee and Loman scare him so he won’t talk but I'm guessing this will come back to bite them. But this is one of the things that have really been bothering me, how stupid are they to uncover their faces? Why cover them in the first place if they were going to be so stupid? Nothing makes sense anymore.

The crew makes a deal with Ramsey to give him Enrique and stop the war but Verco tips them off and tells them it’s a trap to arrest them with IA and Ramsay’s mole. Harlee tells Woz about Stahl and she says she won’t leave them until they’re clear but then she’s going after the psycho and by the end of the episode we learn Ramsay's going nuclear and has put out a warrant for Woz in connection to a terrorist cell, going all in using fear of terrorism in their favor and making sure there’s no more planning until the very end.

Goodnight, Sweet Prince

Cole is worried for his own safety but gives Harlee a day to figure out a plan before running away, she convinces him to stay and fight and she says the fight has to be public if they want to stop him from getting away with everything so she goes to Verco for help. This is clearly headed to the scene we saw before about Harlee testifying but there are still a few more details to put together.

Harlee’s onto Katie so she reviews the original footage of the subway station and she realizes it was actually Stahl and she was right, she also realizes that Stahl saved Katie's life in the field and now she feels like she owes him so she goes with this informations to Gale who doesn’t take Harlee’s word for it but she does seem to be open to investigating Agent Myers which freaks her out. So Katie goes home and starts figuring out she's been played, when he catches her he threatens with exposing her if she doesn’t plant evidence of Miguel Cepeda’s murder on Harlee but she refuses and he kills her.

"Now I give her crazy."

Woz and Enrique hide out at Adrian’s house first, which is kind of ironic, it looks like they keep trying to get the little kid who shot him in the story somehow but it's not clear yet how important he will be for the finale. Enrique escapes, they manage to get him but a bunch of people see the mess so they have to change locations. Enrique agreed to arrange a meet to negotiate with someone from the cartel who offers money in exchange for Enrique but they’re not willing to cut ties with Ramsay or Brooklyn so Woz says there's no deal. Woz seems to be getting worse every time, Nate doesn't know what to think of him anymore and he keeps hallucinating his daughter, though some of the conversations are an acting masterclass from Ray Liotta, in one of the more emotional ones, he says everything he did was to save her but she says it was all him, that she’ll always be there but he has to find himself, which makes me wonder where they're going with this character.

Harlee comes back home to find Stahl, filled with scratches presumably from killing Kate, she tries to stall by telling him he changed her, that now she always tries to do what’s right, and he says killing her will be the ultimate gift. Luckily Cristina arrives and realizes what’s going on, so playing dumb she gives Harlee a gun disguised in a hug and tells her not to hesitate, which Harlee doesn't, and I have to say I’m so happy Stahl is dead, I would've liked this problem to have been solved sooner and let the story be less messy and convoluted, but at least it happened. They immediately call the cops, luckily the shooting being justified is not something that’s in question, and they go stay at Cole’s motel. I’m not sure if that will prove to be a good idea in the series finale, it might help the possibilities of her and Cole hooking up and protecting each other but I would assume it’s a stupid thing to do when you’re laying low.

"Black and white is a lazy way to see the world."

What did you think of these episodes? How do you think this will end? Let me know in the comments.

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