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Preacher - The Light Above - Review: "It's Time to Play Some Fucking Chequers"

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Preacher 3.10 "The Light Above"
Directed & Written by Sam Catlin

Preacher has slowly transformed into one of the best shows of the year so far and The Light Above confirms its status as one of my favourite series of the year. It went all in in this finale, whether it be the pressure of a cancellation or simply just the decision to up the stakes, wrapping things up with Jesse's family nicely as well as setting the stage for a potential season four. As things stand, there is still currently no confirmation of a renewal yet, but given that it hasn't been cancelled either, there's still a chance that we could get a fourth season should things go our way. And given how lucky most shows have been this year, I think we can afford to be optimistic about Preacher's chances.

Everything was leading to this and the final confrontation between Jesse and his family after everything that they've done to his parents. With Genesis restored he quickly dispatched TC, ordering him to shoot himself in the foot, before turning his attention to Gran'ma, who he really came here for. It was cool seeing the episode set the stage with the flashback to young Jesse leaving his home having not finished the job, telling old Jesse that now he's got the chance to. I liked that Jesse didn't mean any ill will to TC, even giving the option so far as to let him live and walk away. But everything TC knows is Angelville, he's tied down to one place even if everything he's done there has been evil. So he's quite happy to die with Jody in the fire of the fight pits that Jesse lights up. It's an effective scene that acts as a nice send-off to both characters, who feel like they've been around for much longer than just this season. And at the end of the brawl, Jody was proud of Jesse for following through with his actions at last, able to emerge on top.

The Angelville drama almost felt anti-climatic compared to everything that has come before over the course of the season, yet it remained effective viewing. These storylines for me were probably the best of the season, as fun as Cassidy and Tulip's arc were, successfully succeeding in fleshing out Jesse's past and improving his character greater than the second season was ever able to. His handling of Gran'ma was satisfying to watch as she was taken care of after everything that she's done to his family in the past, yet Jesse knows that he will end up going to Hell at some point as she has died before him. It was a fascinating dilemma that essentially means that they both won out in the end no matter how much Jesse may not like it. At least he gets the satisfaction out of killing Gran'ma, even if she got one last victory over him in the process. Betty Buckley has been fantastic this whole season and right up until the end she played a key part in this series, and her presence will be missed.

Tulip and Eugene's storyline was a fun one that reveled in its absurdity. It was satisfying to watch the Nazis get dispatched one after another, complete with the not very-subtle references to the "Make America Great Again" Red Hats, poking fun at their general stupidity and inability to pay attention to the correct insignia that they should be wearing. The Saint of Killers didn't get his showdown with Jesse in the finale but there was so much other stuff going on it's easy to see why it was left for Season 4, and with The Saint having decidedly to spectacularly shoot The Devil in the head creating further problems for Hell, there was more than enough to keep us busy for this season. The showdown between The Saint and the Devil felt inevitable from the moment The Devil gave The Saint his guns, but leaving Hitler in the throne room with the Angel of Death was never a good idea, especially with the contract to Genesis being left on the table. Does that mean if The Saint kills Jesse, Hitler gets Genesis? That's a scary thought, even if it would probably reject him.

Either way, Eugene's out of hell, having been freed by The Saint who views that he doesn't belong there. Eugene learns that Jesse is still around however and he's eager to come with The Saint, angry at The Preacher who left him in hell in the first place, and it should mean that if we get to see their encounter, it should be an emotional one for sure. Getting sent to hell was something that Eugene never deserved. It was interesting too to note that The Devil only learnt of Jesse's involvement as The Preacher at the end, because of course, the two things are connected like everything else.

Tulip's latest encounter with God probably won't amount to much at the end of the day. It's interesting to note that both her and Cassidy were tested in this finale, first Tulip with God's promise of lifting the apparent O'Hare family curse in exchange for taking care of Jesse and Genesis, and the second with Cassidy being threatened by Eccarius under the pressure of falling to daylight. Cassidy's arc has been enjoyable to watch this season and even if it hasn't been the show's best it has been his best - and its resolution was suitably effective, as Eccarius was taken care of by Cassidy's newly converted vampires, who are able to rescue him. But then, Hoover returns, having decided to escape the shackles of his life with the Grail and return to his brethren much to their joy. However, it's all a ruse, and Hoover has lured The Grail to their location so they can capture Cassidy moments before Tulip arrives.

The Grail have pulled off their original plan after all. It's kind of a shame that we didn't get to see a united Tulip, Cassidy and Jesse this season but arguably the show has kept its storylines fantastic by keeping them apart, and it'll be interesting to see how long they'll stay separated in Season 4, again, should the show return. The stakes have very much been laid down for Season 4, with The Grail no longer wanting Jesse as their Messiah, but instead, they now want to take him out of the game permanently. It's also sad to say goodbye to Hoover, who has been a fantastic source of comic relief this season, and I'm worrying that The Grail won't be as interesting without him around anymore. It turns out He shouldn't have double crossed Cassidy after all.

It's certainly an interesting premise and although it's not quite the direct resolution to all the plot-lines that we would have liked given the potential for this season to be a series finale, but the gauntlet has well and truly been laid down should Preacher return. And despite offing multiple of its villains, I have every bit of confidence that the show will still find a way to keep whatever showdown between Jesse and his foes that comes next as delightfully entertaining as this season has been. And one more request, if the show does get renewed - keep it at 10 episodes per season! 13 is too much. Please and thank you.

What did you think of The Light Above? Let me know in the comments section below!

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