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Lost in Space - Season 2 - Snippets

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General Season 2 Snippets

An artificial intelligence scientist named Adler is summoned to wreckage of a massive alien ship. He finds the robot Scarecrow and begins trying to communicate with him.

This draws Will's attention, and he offers to help. The researcher named Adler is hesitant to involve him. In another scene, Adler rides with Maureen and Will in a Jupiter carrier. He reveals he has a wife and twin boys on the Alpha Centauri colony. He's traveled back and forth many times from the colony for work. He also mentions, seemingly in passing, that Will struggled to qualify for the mission. Maureen worries he might know she tampered with the results.

Elsewhere, Vijay tells Penny that she was his first kiss too.

Flashbacks explore Judy and John's estrangement. In present day Judy is exhausted and dehydrated somewhere, possibly jogging or possibly lost.

Everyone may or may not be on a new planet. It's called the Amber Planet. Don reunites with several of his engineering crew members. A muscle man named Andrei punches him. The chief officer Ava reprimands him for abandoning ship but puts him to work.

Smith comes to see Penny, and Penny is surprised.

Later, four people are trapped on the Resolute. Behind a wall so maybe some kind of collapse. Don comes up with a dangerous rescue plan.


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