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Killjoys - Johnny Dangerously & Bro'd Trip - Double Review

'Johnny Dangerously' and 'Bro'd Trip' chronicled the adventures of Johnny, D'avin, and Kendry; with Zeph, Pip, and crew right behind their tails. Presumably, these two, for the most part, Dutch-less episodes, allowed actress Hannah-John Kamen some time off to film scenes for her three movies that came out earlier this year. Yay Dutch!

Though Dutch' presence was sorely missed, Aaron Ashmore and Luke Macfarlane as Johnny and D'avin were magnetic enough individually and as a duo, to carry the chunk of the proceedings, along with Delle Sayeh, of course. Might I suggest that Team Awesome Force has officially surpassed Sam and Dean as the raddest on-screen brothers on television? They certainly rock tight pants well too, as Pip points out.

Johnny being controlled by the green goo added some interesting conflict to the brother's relationship. Though it is safe to assume that most of Johnny's barbs at D'av are the green goo talking, it can not be ignored that there are some deep-seated feelings at play here also that they will for sure have to talk through once Johnny is healed. Though it is heartwarming to see D'avin's continued patience with Johnny, which really highlights the deep love he has for his younger brother.

The episodes weren’t completely devoid of Dutch, however. Her showing up to Johnny, though not entirely explained, is most likely some kind of mirage from their connection to the green goo. All reinforcing just how important the two best friends are to each other. In the end, Dutch comes out of the pool of green goo to save the day, though is it really her? There is a part of me that thinks this is The Lady. And Team Awesome Force has fallen right into her ploy, having accepted her into their company.

The episodes were also a showcase for Delle Sayeh and Zeph. The former was unbearable last season, though her personality these past two episodes have been less over the top snarky, and more humorously sarcastic. It seems she is officially on board Team Awesome Force, especially when proclaiming to Juno Clay in 'Bro'd Trip' that "my killjoys will come." We had also seen just how powerful of an ally she can be when she brings down Clay. What the repercussions will be now that she is going into labour will be a very interesting turn of events for her character over the next few episodes.

As for Zeph, her character has made great strides. We had seen her progress from the meek, often times annoying fangirl of Johnny, to a confident, headstrong member of Team Awesome Force. Zeph's dynamic with Pip has been magical, a particularly memorable scene being in 'Johnny Dangerously' when Pip reassured Zeph just how strong she is to boost her confidence. Or in 'Bro'd Trip' when they talk about their sexual relationship and what it means, which began way back when they thought they were going to die. The fact we never see them hook up speaks to the less is more approach that has been such a plus for this show. Too much sex and soapy romance is what kills many a sci-fi show and Killjoys has a done a great job staying away from that cancerous trope.

It was also a pleasant surprise to see Anna Hopkins show up as the ex-Scarback, Fairuza in 'Johnny Dangerously.' She is quickly becoming the Syfy fanboys wet dream having first appeared as Berlin in Defiance, then more recently portraying the conscientious journalist Monica in The Expanse. Here in Killjoys, Hopkins plays quite the sexy dominatrix. I love the subtlety in her character's personality, how understated her badassery is despite the intimidating, cool all-black garb she wears. I hope she sticks around, she didn't appear, sadly, in 'Bro'd Trip.' The last Defiance alum to appear on Killjoys, Stephanie Leonidas, was such an awesome addition, and it was thus sad to see her character become so shortlived. Hopefully, this will not be the case for Anna Hopkins' Fairuza.

Overall, though there was limited Dutch in'Johnny Dangerous' and 'Bro'd Trip,' these two episodes were still thoroughly entertaining - combining light humour with some strong emotional moments. Most of the awesomeness has to do with John and D'avin, but Delle Sayah, Zeph, Pip, Pree, and crew had all really pulled their weight. Everything just seems to be clicking on all cylinders for Killjoys as we begin Season 4 and things are only just getting started with everyone now reunited.



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