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The Originals - There in the Disappearing Light - Review + POLL

This week on The Originals, Hope’s anger got the better of her. She tortured Roman but couldn’t kill him so instead, she took on the nazi vampires and killed them all. She also accidentally killed a human which triggered her werewolf curse. The witches that died in the previous episode, including Ivy, woke up in transition to become a vampire. After seeing what it was like for the witches of New Orleans that die, Vincent and the others released their ancestors, right before Ivy dies in his arms. Antoinette leaves. Also, Josh died and my heart is in a million pieces. 

Rage, rage …: We all know this moment would happen, that Hope would trigger her werewolf curse before the season was over. When they mentioned it early on in the episode, I know it would be this week. And just like her mother, triggering it was an accident. Hope has had a lot of rage in her lately, rightfully so. And now there’s literally something inside her feeding off that rage. While Roman isn’t really responsible for Hayley’s death, he did lie to her and used her for months. So while I’m glad that she didn’t kill him, which I don’t think she would’ve been able to get past, I’m glad she at least made him suffer. His mother may have been whispering in his ear but he’s old enough to make his own decisions. I’m also very happy that Hope got to kill those nazi vampires once and for all. Thank god that storyline is finally over. I just wish they’d suffered a bit more than that, especially after Josh. But unfortunately, Hope’s blast was so strong she took out Declan and some guy whose name I’ve already forgotten. While Klaus managed to save Declan, he somehow missed the other guy. While killing dozens of vampires didn’t trigger the curse, since they’re already technically dead, this one accidental death did. We’ve seen in the past that this curse isn’t easy to deal with, I imagine it’s even more difficult when you’re also a witch with an ancient being possessing you. 

Against the dying of the light: So what exactly was the point of attempting to turn all of those witches? Did Emmett really think they’d turn and then come over to his side or something? If he did he’s even dumber than I thought. However, it did mean that Vincent got to say goodbye to Ivy. That guy really does not have any luck, does he? I’m not entirely sure what will happen now that they’ve released the ancestral well. Will this make the witches stronger or weaker? Will ghosts start popping up with scores to settle? I guess we’ll find out next week. 

Oh, now you’ve done it: Congrats writers, you managed to infuriate me even more than I thought possible this season. Against my better judgment, I decided to write this part of the review right after seeing the episode, rather than let myself cool off first (as I did with the review of 5x06). I doubt I even need to say what this is about. I’ve never exactly made it a secret that Josh is my favorite. Hell, I just wrote about it in my last review. And just last night I was thinking of writing a huge segment on Josh in my review of the finale where I discussed his character progress throughout these past 5 seasons. Don’t worry, I still might. Josh was the purest character on this show, has been from day 1. He’d do anything for his friends even if they wouldn’t do the same for him. And in the end, that’s what cost him his life. He deserved better, he deserved to be happy and most of all ALIVE. And I’m assuming that scene with Aiden was to make the fans feel better. “Look, guys, we may have killed off one-third of our LGBT characters but here he is riding off into the sunset with his dead boyfriend.” Here’s a novel idea CW, how about giving a gay couple a happy ending while they’re still alive. It really isn’t that difficult considering you manage to do it for straight couples all the time. Next week is the Freya and Keelin wedding (which Josh should’ve been at) and I’m terrified at this point because I’m starting to seriously doubt that they’ll both make it out of this season alive. 

Road to redemption: Elijah still has a long way to go before his siblings or Hope will forgive him for what happened. But he, and Antoinette made some steps in the right direction this week. I think this is probably the last we’ll see of Antoinette. As for Elijah, while we didn’t see a lot of him this week, he did seem to be doing better. His relationship with Klaus, not so much. But that’ll work itself out eventually. I think Klaus was mostly frustrated with himself this week for not being able to help his daughter, despite how much he tried (in his own way). 
Best quotes: Elijah: “For a thousand years I have desperately tried to sway you towards some kind of reason.” Klaus: “And for a thousand years, I’ve trusted you.” Elijah: “So now what?” Klaus: “Our lives may be forever, but our allegiance is not.” 
Hope: “You have no idea what you took from me. My mother, my children’s grandmother, someone to hold me when I’m scared and to call me when I’m lonely. The first eyes I ever looked into, I mean my best friend.” 
Marcel: “I leave town for a few years and suddenly you know everything.” Josh: “I always knew everything. I just played dumb so you’d put up with me.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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