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The Bold Type - Plan B - Advance Preview: One Delightful Little Package

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"I couldn't do it without her."

Next tuesday on The Bold Type, fashion-closet meetings are back on! Sutton is back on Oliver's good graces, though this just might mean more responsibilities she struggles to take on, but we know she's resourceful and we don't really worry about her, at least not now that she cut ties with Brooke. I have to say I really missed Oliver in this episode, but Jacqueline having more presence helped a little. Also, for Kadena fans, you might be disappointed to know she's not really around this episode.

"We're buying stuff nobody wants with money we don't have."

Over a mishap, Jane has to revisit the complex issue of her BRCA gene mutation and she realizes there's a lot she has to figure out way too soon. Of course she again decides to use her experiences to aide in her work but it might be harder that usual this time, it also makes her question the source of her feelings and might bring up a hard conversation or two, so you can definitely take out your tissues for this one. There are also some very cute and some very awkward scenes, and sometimes both at the same time.

"I'm not seeing the allure of being a human Kleenex."

Kat gets to use her child-of-two-shrinks skills and. She continues to move up in the world but we know partnering up with Cleo is never a good move, and there's always something fishy when an offer to represent diversity is brought to you by a guy who looks like the Aryan dream. On a different note, I do love that they're keeping Pinstripe around however they can, but I would love for him to really have a purpose to be there, a purpose that's not necesarily Jane.

"Okay, I'm done with both of you."

Don't forget to tune in for The Bold Type on Freeform, this Tuesday at 8:00 – 9:01 p.m. EDT.

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