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Marvel`s Cloak & Dagger - Funhouse Mirrors - Review: "Marks and Hunters" + POLL

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Marvel`s Cloak & Dagger entered the second half of the freshman season with a semi-fillerish outing but concluded the episode with a major bang. It is always difficult to develop such a serious and heavy serialized story without to insert a filler episode so you wouldn`t blow out all your material ahead of your finale. And before I enter into an eternal squeal over that final minute lets break down the events of this episode weakest to strongest.

Evita and her Aunty? What the senseless wackadoodle have I watched there? A bunch of seriously unnecessary scenes peaking with a tensionless prophecy about both of the dying. It simply felt unauthentic and misplaced in the general progress of the story. The aunty sensed the sex and Tyrone`s power. My mind is always open to supernatural stuff but that is a different level of what I expect from this show. I hope this "story" keeps something good for Evita and that the writers won`t fall into that unnecessary angst trope.

Tandy`s story this week is the fillerish part I didn`t appreciate this week. The introduction of Mina Hess, played by Ally Maki, was executed well. She was different, bit odd but obviously with a lot of heart and passion. The character balanced Tandy`s darkness very well and the push and pull between the seriousness of Tandy`s intentions and Mina`s seemingly oblivious pov was entertaining to watch and honestly made me eager for more. I do hope we see more of Mina in this or future seasons. She fits the show well and her calling Tandy out on her bullshit was majorly needed. Seeing how natural and empowered Tandy manages her powers is truly inspiring, considering the darkness she came from and that still burdens her. So it also was interesting seeing her be just this smart intern, being good at something. It shows all her prospect without the burden of darkness. The lack of progress and her hitting at another closed door brought all this inspiration down. But let's see where these new clues take Tandy next week.

And while Tandy hit another close door, Brigit seemingly made her way up Connors skin. It appeared as she made quite the progress with him and that she entered his inner circle. I do appreciate this wasn`t so easy and portrayed Connors villainous character as smart and devious. He does get away with a lot of bs and him falling that easily into Brigit`s trap would feel quite out of Character. The eventual shooting at the end is certainly a gamechanger and I`m curious how Brigit will react to this setup. Connors will surely try to pin all of this on Ty but how will Brigit help him without betraying Ty?

Speaking of Ty his story this week carried quite the progress and by the end of the hour, Aubrey Joseph once again broke my heart. While his story of infiltrating Duane`s team was a bit gullible and went down way too smooth. Still, despite all of this the Tyrone-Duane scene had heart and heartbreak. The reveal that Duane was present when Connors shot Billy was like a gut punch on Ty`s face. Some big acting moments there. Duane most likely passing will hopefully shake Ty to his ground and make him slightly reckless. But luckily he has his good friend Tandy to help him.

Seeing that Tyrone teleported himself to the church, to where he felt safe just made my heart go boom boom. The fragility he expressed in those final 60 seconds were squeezing my heart a lot. Tandy being unable to give him a hug was just so sad. So well shot and so well executed. The writers really knew they had to appreciate this moment as it obviously is supposed to launch the story for the final 4 episodes of the season.

And here we are once again. It`s your turn now. Vote in the poll below and afterwards feel free to share your positives and negatives about this episode of Cloak & Dagger. Till we meet again. . .

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