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Riverdale - Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World - Review: "A weak season"

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Riverdale season 2 has come to an end. This second year has been odd: it lost the narrative strength it had in the first run, but some characters are clearly more interesting and coherent. Let’s summarize what happened and discuss it.

After the shocking ending, we get to know Jughead’s fate: he clearly survives. The second Black Hood is revealed: he is Tall Boy, who was killed by one of the sheriff’s officers.
Cheryl spies on her mother and she discovers that Penelope and Claudius are secretly meeting with Hiram. She reveals this to Veronica, who goes to talk with her mother. Hermione is tired of her husband’s secrets and decides to reveal to Veronica that Hiram attempts to consolidate the entire Southside and he wants to the Whyte Worm to complete his plan. Veronica buys the Worm, and trades it with Hiram for Pop's. Her confrontation with Hiram was really interesting: I like how finally his family is turning against him. I can’t stand Hiram anymore. His addition to the series has been positive at first, but now it has become a burden. Veronica lost her charm because of her father, but she is finally evolving as a character, allying with Fred and Archie.

The Serpents finds asylum in the Northside. F.P. retires from the Southside Serpents and he names Jughead the new King, who later asks Betty to be his queen. In one of the most enjoyable and lovely scenes of the episode, Cheryl is welcomed to the Serpents.
The episode ends with some shocking outcomes: Hermione wins the mayoral election. Hiram has a meeting with several people from around Riverdale: Penny, Penelope, Claudius, Minetta, and Malachi. They discuss what they want to do with their new gained control of the city. In the last minutes, Archie is elected student body president, but he is unexpectedly arrested by Minetta for the murder of one of the intruders from the lake house. Hiram watches the scene with contempt.

This season finale was not that bad. It closed various storylines and evolved positively into the story, leaving many stories open: will we have an OISNB’s Archie’s storyline? Is Polly part of a religious cult? How will Jug deal with this new role? But it has many weak spots: I hated how Archie threatened a mob’s boss. I also didn’t enjoy the rhythm of these last few episodes. I will repeat myself: the best thing about Riverdale's season 2 is Cheryl and consequently her relationship with Toni.

All in all, season 2 was way weaker than season 1. I hope the writers will figure it out how to deal with 22 episodes without losing Riverdale’s strong points.

And you? What do you think of “Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World” and season 2?

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