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Empire - The Empire Unpossess'd - Review: "Perfect Ending"

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Empire had lost its season 1’s strength many episodes ago. Season 2 and season 3 didn’t impress me at all, but season 4 was a clear improvement. I liked the two different narrative arcs, and I really enjoyed this season finale. Let’s summarized what happened.

Eddie continues to threaten Lucious: he wants the profits from an eventual sale of Empire and he will guarantee his freedom in return. The family reunites and tries to figure it out a way of saving the company. In the meanwhile, Cookie meets up with Anika to ask for her help in getting back the evidence of Lucious' hand in Shyne's murder.
Tory is not comfortable with Anonymous which now is known to the public: she loses her sobriety and as a consequence, she is sent back to rehab, and she unexpectedly dies after suffering a seizure. Jamal finds her and goes to the hospital: he is utterly shocked after he learns that she has passed away. It was heartbreaking to watch Jamal once again in a tragic situation. This boy can’t catch a break.

During the Empire bidding, Kelly Patel offers $700 million while the Lyons offer nothing. Cookie has decided to take control of the situation: she offered Empire in exchange for Lucious' freedom. Andre asks Anika to finally put aside their past differences, but it’s a trap.
He organized a scheme and he used powdered pills to get in Anika’s mind. After she drinks the champagne, during a press conference she starts feeling giddy and suffers from hallucinations of Rhonda. In one of the craziest and satisfying scene, she is haunted by her and she falls from the balcony, dying. I didn’t expect all these gripping outcomes: I love that the family has decided to put their happiness first trying to stay united for once. I also loved how they killed Anika: it’s perfect and it’s a full circle. Andre can finally find peace. Clearly, they didn’t know how to handle Anika as a character anymore: she has done anything. I couldn’t imagine how her character could have evolved in any other way.

The season ends with a surprising montage: finally, Cookie and Lucious marry again (we waited four seasons for this moment), Jamal moves to London because he can’t stand the spotlight anymore. The episode ends with another explosive cliffhanger: a shooting puts Hakeem, Blake, Bella, and Tiana lives on the line. I really hope that Hakeem's family will survive.

I enjoyed this season: it has been a coherent and even introspective run. Finally, the writers planned a clear and linear story arc that evolved and had unexpected and juicy outcomes. I am a bit scared that season 5 will reset this status quo, but I hope for the best. For me, it’s the best season after season 1.

And you? What do you think of "The Empire Unpossess'd" and season 4?

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