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Quote of the Week - Weeks of May 27 and June 3

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

The Americans -
1. Philip: “Colonel ... I can't even remember his name. When they first asked me, they said it would be a hard life. They didn't want me to think it would be some big adventure. I said I wasn't afraid of that.” Elizabeth: “Who knows what would have happened here? I might have worked at a factory. Managed a factory. You might've. Mmm. Maybe we would have met ... on a bus. They'll be OK.” Philip: “They'll remember us ... when... They're not kids anymore. We raised them.” Elizabeth: “Yes.” Philip: “It feels strange.” Elizabeth: [in Russian] “We'll get used to it.” (DarkUFO)
2. Philip: “We had a job to do. We had a job to do.” Stan: “You were my best friend.” Philip: “You were mine, too. I never wanted to lie to you. Stan, what else could I do? You moved in next to me. I was terrified and then we ended up as friends.” Stan: “Friends. You made my life a joke.” Philip: “You were my only friend in my whole sh*** life. In all these years, my life was the joke, not yours.”
3. Elizabeth: “It's our own bosses. They were going to fake my reports, make it seem like Gorbachev was trading away secrets at the summit. The people I trusted all this time. Now.” Stan: “Do you know Oleg Burov?” Philip: “Who is that?” Stan: “Don't BS me Philip. We arrested him today pickin' up a dead drop. He said the message was about people in the KGB trying to get rid of Gorbachev. He told me that message had to get back to Russia.” Elizabeth: “That message has to get back home.” Stan: “I could care less who runs your country.” Philip: “Stan, these people, if they're not stopped? That's our whole country. That's our whole future. That's the world and whether we get to live in peace or not depends on that. We have to tell them what happened here because if that dead drop didn't go through, we're the only ones who could stop this now. I don't know why you should trust me. You should hate me. You... you should probably shoot me, but we're getting in that car and we're driving away. I wish you'd stayed with me at est. You might know what to do here.”
4. Paige: “You have to take care of Henry.” Philip: “He loves you, Stan. Tell him the truth.”

Cloak and Dagger -
1. Tyrone: "The smothering. I get it. I miss him too. I'd do anything to get him back, but... what I feel is already enough weight. Ma, I don't need yours too." Adina: "Weight? Is that what I'm putting on you?" Tyrone: "Yes. You and Dad, it's like you're afraid if I don't do everything just right, perfectly, you're gonna lose me." Adina: "Oh baby, I wish it were that easy. I'm afraid that, even if you do everything perfectly, I'm gonna lose you." ~~~A fear of so many mothers today, regardless of socio-economic status. (Prpleight)

Code Black -
1. Dr. David Stoval: "Death is just another door, and I'm going to walk through it the way I walk through every door in my whole life: with my head held high." (Rachel)

Elementary -
1. Sherlock: “There’s a bush outside. Perhaps you’d physically like to beat around it.”
2. Sherlock: “Mason is indulging in his generation’s regrettable tendency towards hyperbole. The call was only 15 minutes long. It merely felt eternal.”
3. Sherlock: “By the dictates of logic, Eric simultaneously must have had the bird virus and not had it. It’s Schrodinger’s bird flu.”
4. Sherlock, explaining to Joan that he has a head in his bag and doesn’t know where it is from: “My head is the less urgent of our concerns at this moment.”
5. Go Shinura: “We’re not in Japan.” Watson: “We’re with the NYPD. We’re here about a murder. I’m pretty sure that’s against the rules everywhere.”

Fear the Walking Dead -
1. Madison: “I was afraid to lose this place, because I thought you needed it. Just, stay who you are right now. But you know it.... No one's gone until they're gone.” ~~~It's the last thing Madison ever tells her daughter and son because she sacrifices herself so that they (along with Luciana and Strand) can get away. A mother's love knows no bounds. (Rachel)

Sense8 -
1. Daniella: "I know your kind. men that mistake cruelty for strength. Living your petty little lives, so limited. We both know that if I were to pull this trigger, not a single person would shed a tear. The smallness of your kind of life is nothing to fear...only to pity." ~~~We haven't seen Dani so strong and fearless, but we know she speaks from experience. (Prpleight)

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