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Marvel`s Cloak & Dagger - Princeton Offense - Review: Serialized Progress

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It is truly rare that you have a show that has such a thoroughly serialized progress week after week. Cloak & Dagger continuously tells a captivating story, putting puzzle pieces together, making progress and further developing the relationship between our protagonists. Princeton Offense marks this seasons half mark point of the season and things are getting lit.

This week Emily Lahana finally got a bit more space to play with her character, as she finally went into the offense with her ploy against Connors. FYI Brigit O`Reilly is a big comic character and I`m truly excited to see the rise of her character and how she will emerge out of this story. Her interactions with Tyrone, Liam and finally her scene with Connors were really good. The writers make smart and progressive moves with the characters allowing us to resonate with them and make sense of their behavior. So don`t worry guys, Brigit certainly didn`t do drugs this week but she more of set a trap to get Connors behind bars.

The way the tied up Tyrone, Connors, Brigit together felt very natural and authentic. Making it easier to follow the story and develop the characters. I didn`t expect them to make a connection between Connors and Duane or better said I didn`t expect them to reveal it at this point of the story. Nevertheless, Tyrone`s fight for justice continues and the pieces are layered for a new move.

I can`t get over the fact how sweet Tyrone and Evita are. A good unforced romantic story is always great to watch and the way they keep them sweet and innocent just gives me continuous googly eyes. The innocence did leave the room for a bit here still, the way they are written and how their relationship slowly progresses is something many writers can copy/paste from. It is honest, young, fresh with the right dose of maturity for their respective age.

The social pressure put on Tyrone this week and the way his powers meddled with his life gave him great space to grow. It feels very genuine as life doesn`t always pan out the way you want and the whole episode was a major push and pull for Tyrone, with the progress in his relationship Evita and opening up to her, to be confronted with all the emotions of the other team and feeling like a failure afterward just left an impression on him and you could feel it in Aubrey`s interpretation of the role.

Otherwise, his scenes with Tandy were still sizzling and their hot/cold dynamic really puts the spark into the story. And while they don`t really stand or care for each other at this point, they are tied by an invisible knot. She wakes the dangerous in him, while he keeps her focus a very dangerous combination. Tandy pushing him into the "pool" to trigger his powers was a neat move. Loved the smirk on Tandy`s face at that moment.

Tandy, ohh Tandy! Sweet Tandy. Not being mesmerized by Olivia Holt`s Tandy is probably a TV sin. She captures the screen and tells a tale of thousand words with just one move of her face. Some major puzzle pieces fall into Tandy`s hunt for justice as she found a name, the person who came after everything she had moments after losing her father. Peter Scarborough is the name on her list and was shocked by her bold move to go and try to snatch him. Tandy is getting slightly careless and overconfident at this point but the cockiness suits her.

Seeing her embracing her powers and setting up a layer for herself in the church felt so fitting. Her admitting she didn`t try to kill herself was a relief and a move in the right direction. The only concerning thing is that she is that her power awakens when she is at her weakest when she is hopeless. How dark will she have to go eventually to protect herself?

What are your thoughts on the episode? How excited or disappointed are you with the progress the show made so far? Vote in our POLL and stop by the comment section to share your thoughts.

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