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Lucifer - Amazon in Talks for Season 4 #SaveLucifer

In an interview with deadline which was held last week, new Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke that they were in talks with Warner Bros to #SaveLucifer.

We were talking about Lucifer,” Salke said during the interview held last Thursday. “I’m not sure where we are on that. I know that international, especially the UK group, was really bullish on that show, I haven’t checked in on that today (Thursday), but I heard conversations were ongoing on that yesterday


Also, Lauren German said in an interview with The AU Review, that they were in talks with a streaming network to save the show and they should hear either way by June 16th.

Now, I have heard, not to get anyone’s hopes up or anything because I’m certainly am proceeding as if I’m looking for a new job but, I’ve heard that there is a chance a streaming channel could pick us up and we will hear about it by the 16th June. So, if it happens, amazing, and if not, you know, onward.