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Code Black - Cabin Pressure/Hell's Heart - Review

Code Black definitely doesn't tone back the heart-pounding drama.

[Cabin Pressure]

Leanne Rorish has to talk a 12-year old, Ruby, through helping her mother (whom, by the way, passed out while flying a small passenger plane) regain consciousness before the plane's fuel runs out and the unthinkable happens. It's a true race against time, as the channel of communication between Ruby and Team Angels Memorial is choppy.

Time is running out (only 15 minutes left before fuel runs out). They know they need a defibrillator, and they need one fast). With some great pep talk from Ariel, and a make-shift defibrillator made from portable batteries and a laptop, things are almost looking up. Almost.

I'm telling you, I've never screamed that loud at my television.

Many tears were shed by this writer (I used up a good quarter of my tissue box), but it's a happy ending for the mother-daughter duo on that plane.

While all this whole plane fiasco is going on, Ethan and paramedic Rox Valenzuela are held hostage in an ambulance by a man desperate to save his girlfriend (wife?). She's been shot, no exit wound. It's nerve-wracking (and scary) to see two of Angels Memorial's best held at gun-point.

Other cases include Dr. Angus Layton and Dr. Will Campbell butting heads over a patient.

[Hell's Heart]

An uncontrollable wildfire is tearing through Santa Clarita County. Ethan Willis and paramedic partner Rox Valenzuela are assigned to help patients out in the field, while Angels Memorial

A 6-year old boy (Caleb) is separated from his father. Ethan, Rox and the boy's father comb the trail they took to try and find the boy. On the way, they find a very charred man who is (surprisingly) very much alive. *insert muffled scream here*

While the Caleb's father and the charred-but-alive man are airlifted to Angels Memorial, Ethan and Rox decide to stay behind to look for Caleb. The duo are nearly burnt to a crisp when a change in wind forces a sea of fire directly towards them. A fire blanket saves their lives. In turn, they are able to locate and save Caleb.

Ethan's dad makes a surprising (and judging by Ethan's reaction, unwelcome) appearance. Apparently his father wants to sell the house he's currently living in, which used to belong to his deceased brother. Though Ethan and his dad may have some cracks in their relationship, Rox had some valuable advice for Ethan: cut your dad some slack. At least he's at the house, trying to mend their relationship. He's trying, and so should Ethan.

It also turns out that Leanne's scheduled home-visit for the foster-to-adopt process with Ariel was railroaded by patients coming into Angels Memorial from the fire. The case-worker overhears that Ariel may have assisted in giving CPR to a man who's heart stopped. Leanne's judgement is called into question because the case-worker believes that Ariel should not be growing up in a hospital (surrounded by illness and death).

Look, I see why it's an issue. She's 14, she's too young, yada yada yada. But, the way I see it, Ariel's been through a lot in her short life. And she's stronger than most 14-year olds. I love the relationship Leanne and Ariel have. I swear, if someone (inserts glare at that case-worker) tries to separate them... Well, hell hath no fury like a writer (who loves two characters immensely) scorned.

Every episode makes me cry, and this one was no exception.

"Death is just another door, and I'm going to walk through it the way I walk through every door in my whole life: with my head held high."

About the Author - Rachel Wong
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