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Sense8 - Series Finale - Advanced Preview: "Where I end and Where We Start"

And we got here. . . The end of the journey. A year back when I did the season two preview I was sure we would get a 3rd season and we sort of got one. The show got a 150 minutes movie length closer and possibly set the stage for a bigger stage.

Once again Sense8 proved how strong it is, as it succeeded to tie all its knots, open other ones, brighten its mythology and give a satisfying conclusion to an inspiing story.

The strength of sense8 was always in their strong writing that created strong stories which resonated with their audience and they brought their "A" game for this finale.

In its finale 150 minutes, what would almost be 4 broadcast TV eps, sense8 brought the gang together and let them interact with each other in person creating many sweet, funny and kicka*s moments. First and foremost the Finale picks up almost immediately after the season two finale and we see Wulfgang's story unfold. An unexpected layer to his story gets revealed with some terrifying flashbacks. Max Riemelt was outstnding throughout the hour. He gave himself troughout physically and emotionally and it was obvious on screen. Where is a Wulfgang, there is our girl Kala as well. Kala's story within this special takes some awkward twists as her husband joins the crew in Paris and things get awkward AF. The resolution is even more awkward but in a sense8-ish fashion the stroy unfolds in a surprising way.

Riley and Will worked their stuff out in their own way and while their individual character stories don't get much progress they do have a strong role in the overall fight against the bad guys. They weirded up Capheus quite a bit this time around and I still don't connect with the new actor but he is solid in his parts. Sun was the MVP last season and the writers once again succeeded in opening up her character by crafting an emotional story for her and giving her character the bliss that it deserves.

Lito as usual brings all the unusual laughs and his fake PR girlfriend and actual boyfriend are deserving of a sitcom. The 3 of them are just smashing and all their scenes work out perfectly. Still they find a way to polish their edges and give them strong individul moments. Nomi and Amanita continue to be one of the most heartwarming couples #PeakTV has ever witnessed. The connection between the actresses still goes strong and peaks with an unbelievable moment towards the end of the Finale.

It is always hard to pull of these previews cause it is impossible to actually say something without spoiling the actual plot and no one wants that. So here are a bunch of tidbits for U:

- The writers deliver another very intriguing sexcaped and they do top all their previous ones with this, even though there are no dongs on display.

- Many familiar faces return and contribute to the story in various important and hilarious ways.

- Depeche Mode fans will be very pleased when the cast starts singing one of their classics. What song do U think will grace Ur ears?

- The writers open up the show's mythology and give more space to resonate with the villains and heroes and all the hell that started this mess.

- The only really bad part of this Finale were all the Mission Impossible and Die Hard alike gun fire scenes. I never appreciated them. Not in any show or franchise. #StopGunViolence

- Angelica and Jonas story gets told. And how Whispers all fits into it.

- Speaking of Whispers, he gets to interact with a bunch of characters and the show is profiting of them jumping out of their secure zone.

- Dont tune out when the credits start rolling, there is a great bts featurette going along them.

Last but not last I wanna say how impressed I am by this finale and how well this Movie format worked. I hope that the minds behind this amazing project realize this and start about thinking to turn this into a movie franchise. #justSaying

Hope this preview worked out for all of you. In my personal opinion this was a great finale and an impressive conclusion to a diverse, contemporary and important story that chamged the lives of many people. Feel free to share your thoughts and expectations in the comment section down below.

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