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Blindspot - Season 4 - Newsreel *Updated 28th August 2018*

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28th August 2018 - Episode 4.06 - Snippets

Remi attempts to break Shepherd out of wherever her mother’s now being held.
It’s unclear if Remi will succeed.
Matthew Weitz appears in this episode.


20th August 2018 - Episode 4.03 - 4.05 - Snippets

Episode 4.03
Remi makes some sort of deal with a woman named Leia.
Paterson has a one-night stand with a guy named Lincoln. Lincoln ends up being a Quantico recruit who shadows Paterson at the FBI, with Paterson assuming he slept with her to get a good job recommendation. It is unclear if he will be a long-term romantic interest.
Rich Dotcom appears in this episode.

Episode 4.04
Allie and Rich Dotcom appear in this episode
Weller and Remi appear to be facing some marital issues

Episode 4.05
Remi wants to see Shepherd one last time, possibly indicating Shepherd will be executed. Remi goes to see a doctor to find out if she is a candidate for a specific stem cell therapy, which could potentially save her life as she id dying from the side effects of ZIP. She learns she isn’t a candidate, and unexpectedly finds comfort in Weller, a man she loathes. Rich DotCom appears in this episode


12th July 2018 - Episode 4.02 - Snippets

Roman appears in this episode as a hallucination; probably means the reappearance of Luke Mitchell

Dolan may be dead

Meet Jason Abbess, operative from Zero Division, the off-books arm of the NSA that Nas woks for, and he recruits Remi and Patterson for an inter-agency intel sharing program.


7th June 2018 - Small Snippets

- Season 4 picks up a few months after the season 3 finale.

- Remi has now learned that Roman and Oscar, her fiancee, are dead and Shepherd is being held in a CIA black site.

- Remi still plans on burning the FBI to the ground, and potentially killing Jane's team members


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