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The Middle - Split Decision - Review

I can't believe that we're really down to the final episode. The Middle is ending, and it's time to face reality. In this episode, "Split Decision", Axl has to decide whether or not he will take a job in Denver, and the Hecks try to come to terms with him possibly moving.

Frankie finds out that Axl interviewed for a job in Denver, and she's irritated that she wasn't informed. Mike tries to smooth things over by telling her he just wanted to save her from worrying. Well that didn't work. She worries that she'll never see Axl again, and Mike thinks she's making too big a deal out of all this. She did go a little overboard.

While Axl tries to decide about his job, Sue tries to deal with Sean going to Ghana. She gets excited when Sean comes over, but it's only to get a duffel bag. She pretends to be happy about his trip and talks about her exciting summer and the new potato at Spudsy's. They share an awkward hug, and when he said, "Bye Suzy-Q" it kind of broke my heart. After he leaves she runs over and falls on the couch.

Brick's lawn chair is unraveling so he orders a new one. He gets excited when the chair company sends him an extra one. The chairs keep multiplying and now the family is eating dinner in only lawn chairs. I loved the show had Frankie bring take out and said, "I made dinner!" just like the early days. It made me nostalgic.

While they eat dinner they talk about Denver. Frankie does her best to talk Axl out of taking the job and says bad things about the city. Sue is not helping things as she says in the real world people leave and break your heart. Sue goes back to her couch, and Axl leaves the table to go to his room and clear his head.

Now the living room is filled with lawn chairs, and Frankie tries to get information from Brick about Axl's job. Brick isn't any help, but Lexie shows up and Frankie thinks she can keep Axl here. While Lexie is worried, she ultimately tells Axl that that she'll support him if he leaves. This doesn't make Frankie happy.

Mike takes Axl to the hardware store to help him. He gives some good advice: don't ask other people for advice. Mike will miss Axl if he leaves, but Axl needs to do what's right for him. He also takes Sue to the hardware store later to try to cheer her up (and because he wants his couch back.) He talks about how she's always been optimistic even when she didn't make all the teams she tried out for. She shouldn't let Sean get her down. The pep talk does make her feel better, and she decides to have a good summer. But she wants to try to see Sean one more time. Unfortunately he's not at home, but she puts the snow globe in his duffel bag.

The episode ends with Frankie and Mike in bed talking about Brick and his big reclining chair he got to replace the lawn chairs. The lights are off and Axl comes in. He tells Mike and Frankie that he's taking the Denver job.

I had a feeling that he would take the job, and I'm kind of glad. I wish he could have found a job closer to home, but this sounds like it's a good job. It's time for Axl to grow up. That being said, I know that the next episode was be so heartbreaking as Frankie and Mike deal with Axl moving. Next week I will be sure to have my tissues as we say goodbye to the Hecks.

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