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Pitch Your Idea 2018 - Butterfly Effect Ordered to Series & Updated Schedule *UPDATE*

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SpoilerTV has ordered NIck49's Butterfly Effect to fill the last spot for Pitch Your Idea 2018.

The alternate historical drama Butterfly Effect asks the question, what if a very small change in history changed the outcome of the entire world? In each season viewers are able to see how different the world would be if a big historical event didn't happen due to a very small change in the world.


Butterfly Effect joins dramas Against Time Itself, Memoir, The Reluctant Messiah, and Thoughtless on the upcoming slate of SpoilerTV 2018 shows. These join previous sitcom winners There's a Wig for That, Cheers!, Married with a Witch, El Primo, and Destination Not .

Please see here for the updated SpoilerTV schedule

That concludes the 2018 Pitch Your Idea season. Thank you all to the participants and a big congratulations to those who received a series order. See everyone next year!

Following SpoilerTV's announcement of the ordering of Against Time Itself and sitcom, There's a Wig for That, the fictional network has ordered three more dramas - Memoir, The Reluctant Messiah, and Thoughtless. Also ordered are sitcoms: Cheers!, Married with a Witch, El Primo, and Destination Not .

Congratulations to the winners!

*Read to the end to vote for the last spot in the drama category*.


Showrunner: Folie-lex

In Memoir a dying popular musician hires a ghostwriter and book editor to help him write his memoirs. The show plays on two timelines: The current story of writing, selling and trying to launch the book and flashbacks of the old man's life.


The Reluctant Messiah
Showrunner: Nao_finnegan

The Reluctant Messiah follows a borderline depressed 40-something accountant, who lives the most boring and repetitive life ever, and who wakes up one morning plagued with visions. His horoscope is now very specific and always true, the television anchors speak directly to him, and he doesn’t need caller ID anymore.

But when he starts dreaming of the apocalypse, he decides to follow his visions to a specific time and place, halfway across the country.

He then embarks on a road trip to maybe save the world with his landlady (a thirty-something who manages her rich parents estates but wants a life of adventures), and a homeless guy he met at a bus stop, who may hold the key to understanding his newfound abilities.


Showrunner: Spindae2

In Thoughtless a new age virus is plaguing the world. For 3 months now Angus is on the hunt for the culprit who is spreading the Thoughtless virus, which erases every memory you ever had. The victims are specifically picked out as every investigation into their life proves they committed a crime and that is their only common thing. Paying a life sentence for a crime they don't remember committing. Things get complicated when Angus' fiancee and FBI partner, Elena, get infected. Is this a plot to take him off his investigations or did the love of his life commit a life sentence worthy of a crime?



Showrunner: iZombie_fan

A Zombie, a vampire, a werewolf and a fairy walk into a bar ... This is not a beginning of any joke, this is a story about our four heroes, hated by the society for being different. They stick together and travel through some of the world's most forgotten bars, trying to stay off-grid and have a good time.


Married with a Witch
Showrunner: Cass

A half-hour, 15 episodes for a season.
Inspired by the hit TV show “Bewitched”, Erin, a 30-something-year-old mortal woman and successful lawyer, falls in love with and, later, marries a widower who has three sons. Unknown to her that Andrew, her husband, and her step-sons, Luke, Jace and David, are all witches. Cue the crazy magical in-laws, the supernatural friends, and the constant, crazy use of magic, and what do you get: a normal day for this family.


El Primo
Showrunner: Spindae2

After getting into an American College, Sebastian moves in with his Aunt´s family after accidentally burning down the dorm he was accommodated in. This is Sebastian`s life story, the sweet and innocent young boy is a walking train wreck. Very clumsy but with a heart of gold trying to fix all the “accidents” he makes while making it all worse. A family centric comedy, that with the power of a good and innocent Mexican boy step by step glues a family on the brick of falling apart.


Destination Not
Showrunner: Bluestar

Trevor works for a travel magazine and gets paid to travel and write about his experiences for a living - which is pretty awesome. That is until his boss becomes unsatisfied with his work and decides to switch things up. Instead of going to all the best travel destinations, Trevor will now be going to the lowest rated ones. Will Trevor find any positives to these destination nots and find joy in his work again?


SPOILERTV has also ordered three pilots, Chair of the Gods, Butterfly Effect, and Deadly Sins. We are looking to you, the fans, to help fill in one more spot for the drama category. .

Chair of the Gods
Showrunner: start_wearing_purple

An anthology series based off of Greek myths. I'm envisioning a season of 8-10 episodes an hour long each. The first season would be The Odyssey, the story of Odysseus and his 10-year voyage home. Other seasons could explore the Trojan War, Hades and Persephone, Perseus and Medusa, Cupid and Pysche, and even the story of the Olympians overthrowing the Titans. Classic stories but with a deeper dive in.


The Butterfly Effect
Showrunner: Nick49

What if a very small change in history changed the outcome of the entire world?In each season viewers are able to see how different the world would be if a big historical event didn't happen due to a very small change in the world.


Deadly Sins
Showrunner: Rama van der Garde

Seven sins got released into the world. Slowly working their machinations for decades into the society, the humanity has gone into the disarray. With nothing to stop them, the Sins have gone insane in their own way, wanting to lay claim to the number one Sin. The Gods send a little child to Earth with their last power, but she got influenced too by the Sins. She can save mankind and restore balance to the world and the universe only if she remembers her own true name and feeling: Hope.


SpoilerTV has ordered drama, Against Time Itself, and sitcom, There's a Wig for That, both from Milo_BOK to series.

In Against Time Itself, veteran time-traveller Samantha Marshall must tackle her toughest challenge yet – can she solve her own murder? Finding herself in Berlin shortly before the collapse of the wall on what should be a routine mission, Sam accidentally stumbles across her dead body. Can she keep the fact that she unintentionally broke the laws of time travel secret from her superiors, and with the help of a few trusted allies, unearth the conspiracy that led to her death before she becomes its next victim?

There's a Wig for That is a workplace mockumentary-style comedy that follows the passionate but underfunded costume department of a popular time travel show. Each week they must get new era-authentic clothing and wigs for the actors involved on the show. Given that the series is a low-budget show on a low-budget network – they face an incredibly hard task of making everything as real as possible, a task made even harder by clashes with the series’ abusive and results-driven showrunner, as well as obsessive fans with a key eye for historical detail. And that’s without taking into consideration the threat of a corporate merger looming over them that could render their show cancelled.

Congratulations to Milo_BOK for winning both the drama AND sitcom categories of this third edition of Pitch Your Idea!

More dramas and sitcoms to be ordered by SpoilerTV in the next week, with a poll to help round out the winners and schedule. Please stay tuned!

Welcome everyone to the third edition of Pitch Your Idea!

PYI imagines SpoilerTV as a network and the SpoilerTV community as potential showrunners. Over the past two editions, we have a schedule consisting of 10 dramas and 3 sitcoms.

Before we begin with this year, it is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of Frozen by iZombie Fan, one of the Pitch Your Idea first-year winners. The prolific showrunner is still the Berlanti of the SpoilerTV network with three shows still on our schedule.

See SpoilerTV Schedule Here

Now, on to this year!

For the 2018 season, we hope to add 5 more dramas and 5 more sitcoms to the SpoilerTV slate.

Repeat pitches from last year are encouraged, especially those who received pilot orders.

For your pitch, comment below the tentative title and a SHORT synopsis of 1-4 sentences. You can only pitch ONE drama and ONE comedy.

The deadline is May 25, 2018 at 11:59pm EST.

So, without further ado. Pitch away!

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