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Lucifer - Quintessential Deckerstar - Review: Ashes, Ashes

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Lucifer wants things to be like they used to be – and oh, if that isn’t how the fans feel too. Take us back to that season one glow, when the show was great.
They almost did.
This episode was a reminder of how good Lucifer can be when it’s not dragged down by filler. This is the storytelling we’ve been missing lately, and it was so good to have it back. No more messy, childish love triangle. Chloe finally being allowed to shine again. All the arcs being pushed forward – and a couple even resolved.
It’s just a shame it came too late to save the show.

Quintessential Deckerstar was exactly that, and it was fun watching Lucifer try to take Chloe back in time to when things between them were simpler. He attempts this by recreating their interactions at past crime scenes, but the moments aren't organic, so there's no magic in them.
He shows up at her home with a monopoly board, but things take a turn for the weird when he reveals a need to recreate the game move by move so it’s the same as the last time they did this. When that fails, he takes her awkwardly in his arms and plays a song familiar to them both.
But Chloe’s not having it. Their normal? It hurts, because Chloe wants so much more than that.
Back at the precinct the next morning, after a sleepless night, Chloe admits to Ella it’s all been about Lucifer. Not Pierce. And Ella, Miss Team Chloe’s Happiness, realizes THAT’s the pairing she should be rooting for. Not “Pecker”, as she has so unfortunately named Chloe and Pierce.

Also fun to watch is Lucifer talking about Charlotte’s Hell loop to Chloe, knowing she doesn’t believe him, and Charlotte having a quiet freak out about it.
I adore Chloe and at this point I need to believe she knows, really knows within her heart and mind, that Lucifer is actually the devil. I want to believe we’ve all underestimated her and she’s just quietly put it all together these past three seasons. And now? She believes - and that’s enough for her. She doesn’t need to see his Devil face, or his wings. For me as a viewer I still hope that reveal is coming in the finale, to see how she really does react, and as a viewer I believe that pay-off is something we deserve. Especially now.

Dan is adorable, having purchased a waffle iron for Charlotte because he makes waffles for her in the mornings. In case that’s not quite the right gift, he’s also purchased a bracelet with a waffle charm. It’s so innocently sweet.
“Women tend to prefer jewelry over household appliances,” Lucifer agrees.
“I’m not really sure Lucifer’s the authority on what women want,” Chloe whispers not so softly to Dan.
Lucifer’s face says it all. He’s hurt and confused by her words. You see, Chloe’s realizing she can’t keep her feelings for Lucifer pushed down for much longer – and maybe she doesn’t want to. She’s growing frustrated - and getting salty.

Amenadiel has had a revelation. That perhaps God isn’t in control of their destiny, but they control their own. Lucifer doesn’t buy it, because he’s too stuck in the idea their father holds the reins. But if Lucifer is to get his devil face back, maybe he just needs a little more faith in himself too.

Maze. Oh, Maze. She has the opportunity to kill Amenadiel but has a change of heart.
She goes to Pierce, ready to kill him, and the two fight. He distracts her by threatening Linda’s life and uses that moment to jab the needle – and its contents which were intended for Amenadiel– into her. By incapacitating her he’s now able to move on to getting Amenadiel out of the way himself.
As Charlotte and Amenadiel sit on a bench, overlooking the City of Angels, Charlotte tells him, “I’ve been coming here since I realized this may be the closest to heaven that I’ll ever get.”
She’s been searching for solace but I think she’s found that in Amenadiel more than even she understands.
When Pierce arrives, Charlotte throws herself in front of Amenadiel, causing Pierce to put two rounds in her instead.
Whereas Pierce and Maze have been chasing mortality and a return to Hell, Charlotte and Amenadiel’s arc this season has been aimed towards redemption and Heaven – and they, at least, will get what they’ve so desperately been searching for.
In a scene that utterly destroyed this reviewer, with his wings extended, Amenadiel flies Charlotte’s soul to Heaven. Charlotte’s time on this show was never going to be long, and it feels like her character has now come full-circle through two seasons.
My heart breaks for Dan – who finally had some happiness again post-divorce. This is not the ending I wanted for Dan this season. It would have been interesting to see how that death might have changed him in season 4. Sadly now we won't get to watch his healing process.

What I love about Lucifer is the softness Chloe brings out of him. He may be the Devil but he’s never more angelic than when her hand is pressed to his face, or her lips are on his. She coaxes that out of him and it’s always beautiful to watch.
It’s now that Lucifer finally understand that Chloe chooses to work with him. She’s a capable detective and she doesn’t need his help. She wants it. Chloe chose him a long time ago – and they’re both together just seeing this now.

“Detective… Chloe… I am the devil,” Lucifer tries to tell her, dropping his guard and using her first name. He says her name with the kind of reverence he only lets show through when he’s being completely honest about his feelings for her.
And good, kind, fearless Chloe takes his face in her hands and replies, “No you’re not. Not to me.”

Whether she believes he really he is the devil, or it's merely how he perceives himself, she doesn’t see any of that. She only sees the good in him.

It’s not the reveal I was hoping for before the kiss. It’s not him flashing his wings, but maybe that will still come. The Deckerstar moment is nice but it isn’t what this show needed right now. It’s all a bit too late anyway with the series now cancelled by Fox.
I’ve invested two and a half years in this show, and all I have ever wanted is Lucifer to properly reveal himself to Chloe. Devil face, or wings, I don’t care. I’m disappointed we’ll never get to see the fun the writers could have had with Chloe angsting over her boyfriend being the actual Devil. Instead, we got a lousy, childish love triangle that decimated Chloe’s character. How different this season could have been if the writers had just been a little brave.

We still have the finale left, and I’ll hope for that big moment. I’ll hope for something that might inspire someone to #SaveLucifer.

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