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Imposters - Phase Two Sucks - Review

Previously on Imposters, Maddie reunited with the Bumblers at the Langmore cabin as they schemed to take down the Doctor once and for all, Lenny made it clear the Bumblers would have to do one job for the Doctor to secure their freedom, and Patrick missed a chance to take down the con artists.

The episode opens on a flashback to the Doctor at a medical conference, where he is publicly humiliated during a Q&A session. Following the encounter, he goes for a drink and later follows the man who humiliated him, holding a weapon. Looks like the Doctor may be doing some of his own dirty work.

In Vermont, the A team and the Bumblers have arrived for their job involving the Toby Jug collector and retrieval of the ring. Max hands each of the Bumblers an envelope full of cash, courtesy of the Doctor. Slowly but surely they are falling more and more under his control, so it'll be interesting to see how exactly they'll get out of this. Max and Sally leave Maddie in charge of the Bumblers, which they all protest to, but it seems to be the best way of pulling the con off (and what the Doctor ordered). With Max and Sally giving the lowdown on their newest mark, we see the Bumblers integrating themselves into her life, with Richie being an antique dealer and Ezra being a potential buyer. Of course, a Toby Jug is involved which instantly piques her interest, but it's definitely not a rare one. The con has begun, and 'potential buyer' Ezra tries to purchase the jug for far more than it's worth, something that Charlotte clearly notices. She tells Ezra that the jug is worth $300 less than what he just paid for it, and he then tries to get his money back, now noticing it as a bogus deal. 'Antique dealer' Richie is having none of it though, insists all sales are final, and refuses to give the money back. What ensues is an escalating fight between the two, with slaps exchanged and a little bit of wrestling. Ezra and Charlotte are kicked out, and the gratitude that his cover feels towards her allows him to introduce herself. As Charlotte leaves, the scene cuts.

As Sally and Max try to pinpoint where and who the Doctor is, Max has a sudden epiphany about what type of doctor he might be. He remembers of a pen that he took from the Doctor, which is from the same conference the Doctor attended in the flashback. As they look at the event's website, they can't find any pictures of him, but they do find out who the official photographer was for the event. It looks like they might have a lead after all.

Whilst Ezra and Richie teamed up for the first part of the con, we see Jules and Maddie pair up for the next part. We see Maddie inside of a cafe where Charlotte just so happens to be as well, as she gets drinks, in walks Jules on the phone talking loud enough to draw attention. Charlotte is listening in, and her interest is piqued when Maddie mentions Clive (aka Ezra's cover) and antiques. Just as Charlotte is about to go, in walks Ezra who notices her and makes sure to introduce her to a seemingly disintered Jules. Maybe it's just because we're in on the con, but this doesn't seem overly believable to me. Ezra invites Charlotte to lunch in order for her to impart her wisdom on him surrounding Toby jugs, which she accepts. As Charlotte leaves once again, Ezra's cover drops and Maddie and Jules congratulate him on being a natural. The plan is in motion.

Later that night, the Bumblers are celebrating the day going well and the con coming together, but Maddie chastises them on their lack of further research on their mark and any possible contingencies they may need. This just seems to be setting it up for things going wrong, and it's entirely possibly they're going to drag out getting the ring back until the finale.

The following day, Jules and Richie are staking out Charlotte's house in order to break in with the spare key she keeps hidden under a rock, and to take the ring from inside the jug. They have the opportunity to break in as the house is empty, with Ezra and Charlotte out on their lunch date. Hearing Rob Heaps (who's English) play an American playing an English person is definitely interesting, and I'm not entirely sure how Charlotte is finding his accent believable. After somewhat insulting British food, she opens up a bit about herself and lets 'Clive' know that she doesn't like travelling or dealing with strangers. Seems interesting for someone who is an antique collector. Ezra guides the conversation to Toby jugs, and he curiously brings up his father, which makes him somewhat emotional. It definitely gives Charlotte the opportunity to be empathetic and build that relationship more between them, and allows him to ask her to give him a little guidance on collecting the jugs, which she seems more than willing to do. Back at Charlotte's house, Richie and Jules are now inside and looking for the jug and ring.For a woman who collects jugs though, there seem to be surprisingly few in her house, and after Jules checks the ones that are there for the ring and comes up empty, it may not be as smooth sailing as the Bumblers originally thought.

Richie sends a text to Ezra at his lunch, as Charlotte is showing him valuable Toby jugs, asking him to find out where she's keeping the ring. She tells him about a climate controlled room she has, but she's very much getting the wrong end of the stick as their conversation takes a flirtatious turn. Ezra tries to get her back on track, and finds out that the room is kept in the cellar, but to me he makes the mistake of exiting the conversation too early. It draws the suspicion of other diners, as they suspect that Charlotte has been stood up. Ezra rings to tell them the good news, but as Richie and Jules embark down to the cellar, they find that the door is locked. As Ezra returns, Charlotte quickly ends the date, thinking that she's overstepped and that 'Clive' doesn't find her attractive. He tries to get her to stay, but it would've been too awkward for her.

The Bumblers later regroup, and Richie and Jules want to know what exactly went wrong. As Ezra tells them that it was going great until Charlotte decided to flirt with him, they say that this isn't a bad thing at all and ask him to 'lean into' the romantic vibes that Charlotte is giving off. He says no, but Richie and Jules think it's the best way to get Charlotte to trust him. They all notice the irony; getting a mark to fall for them to then cross them and steal from them - just like Maddie did to all of them, but they try to downplay it and say that they're still good people. How long are they going to be able to cling onto that?

Ezra visits Maddie for advice on the situation, and she gives him two options; give Charlotte what she wants, or find another way into the cellar that is going to draw way more attention. Maddie encourages him to pick the second option, and when she gives her reasoning why, it harks back to the conversation she had with Gail earlier this season. She essentially lets Ezra know that she really did fall for him, and that she still hasn't gotten over that, something the audience has known all season, but not Ezra himself. Hopefully Ezra realises what she's saying, but something tells me it's just not the time for them.

We catch up with Max and Sally, who have tracked down the photographer from the medical conference and are now masquerading as detectives in order to get the information they need. The photographer is not forthcoming, but as soon as Sally threatens to get a warrant and seize any property she wants, he's more willing to supply the photographs he has.

Following Maddie's advice, Ezra rings up Charlotte to apologise to her for his earlier actions. It seems he's made his choice on how he's going to play this, and under Maddie's guidance, he tells Charlotte he's not been himself lately due to his father's death but he does feel connected to her. Maddie approves, but it seems like Ezra is just selling another part of himself and getting deeper and deeper into the con game. Charlotte seems pleased though, so 'Clive' is probably back in her good books.

Max and Sally make progress on tracking down the Doctor, as they find him in one of the pictures they've just received. After questioning the other people in the picture with him, the finally find out his real name; Jeffrey Hull. It appears there isn't anyone who's fond of Jeffrey, but both doctors they talk to point them in the direction of another doctor who may have more information on the Doctor, and off they go.

Following their phone call, Ezra has dinner over at Charlotte's house. There seems to be a little bit of tension there, probably because Ezra doesn't actually want to lead her on like he's going to have to if he wants the ring back, but she's even more empathetic when it comes to his dad's passing, and offers to show him her Toby jug collection. He agrees, and they go down to the cellar where he is greeted by hundreds of jugs. As they go back upstairs, Ezra tries to leave a card in the door so he can access the room again later, but as he's being lead by Charlotte, his slight pause causes her to stop as well and be jerked back towards him. She clearly takes this as a set up, and thinks 'Clive' wants to kiss her. She kindly obliges and Ezra awkwardly goes along with it as they stumble up the stairs and end up on the kitchen floor. As Charlotte quickly leaves the room, Ezra rings Jules and asks for a picture of the jug so he knows which one to look for. The phone call is very brief however, as Charlotte returns with a bottle of wine and the question of taking it upstairs.

Jules and Richie rush to try and find a picture of the jug, but Richie doesn't have one. Jules has the idea of drawing it from memory, and tries to get Richie to help her. Whilst this is happening, Charlotte and Ezra have retired upstairs, where Charlotte makes quick work of getting him on the bed. Ezra is clearly trying to put this off, but he can't insult her again and therefore tries to do as she wants. Charlotte is a lot more forthcoming in this situation than she has been before, and tries to make quick work of getting 'Clive' into bed. Ezra is obviously trying to just get out of there, but she isn't making it easy. After having her remove the Toby jugs that she has in her bedroom, she returns wanting to seal the deal. Ezra can't get on board though, especially when she calls him kind and compliments him on all the things he's not being. Charlotte notices he's not into it and once again feels foolish, but Ezra tries to salvage their relationship by saying it's just because he wants to take his time with getting intimate because he cares about her. He offers to come back over and cook her breakfast to make up for it and allow them to get to know each other better, and she agrees. He leaves the house dejected and goes straight to Maddie.

Maddie lets Ezra in, and the conversation moves from Charlotte to Ezra when Maddie enquires about his feelings. They both comment on how this part of the con isn't easy, and it goes unsaid that it isn't particularly nice either. Ezra brings up that Maddie never apologised for what she did to him, and when she says she never did because she knew that Ezra wouldn't have believed her, he asks to hear them anyway. As she apologises, she does seem genuinely honest about it, and maybe that's what leads Ezra to kiss her. Their whole exchange was close and tinged with tension, so it's unsurprising that he decided to do that and that it lead to the two of them going to bed together. The camera was a bit distracting in this scene as it seemed to jump about quite a lot, but it doesn't detract too much from the sincerety of it all.

As the sun rises, we join Max and Sally in Buffalo as they've tracked down the doctor that might lead them to the Doctor. It just so happens to be the guy from the medical conference, the one who we saw at the end of the flashback seemingly about to be attacked by the Doctor. The injury is long lasting and may mean that he'll never be able to operate again, and he definitely suspects the Doctor for what happened to him. Max and Sally may have finally found a weakness of the Doctor's, and a possible opportunity to see him as there should be another conference coming up, but they both know it's not going to be that easy.

Back in Maddie's room, the pair are now awake and things are definitely awkward. Maddie laments that she's no longer able to read Ezra the way she used to be able to, but he says it's because back then he didn't have anything to hide from her. As she gets up, she enquires about Sofia, which Ezra asks her to drop. She wonders why he left her in Mexico and he tells her that's not what happened at all. The tables are turned on Ezra, as he tries to deny how alike him and Maddie have actually become. She wants him to thank her for changing his life for the better, but it's something he won't allow himself to do. He walks out of the room, and Maddie doesn't seem to be particularly happy about the exchange after all.

The episode ends on Ezra doing the walk of shame back to his hotel room, and Jules handing over the drawing she did of the Toby jug. Ezra is sullen and monotone when he tells Jules that he'll let her know when he has the ring and he expects her to be ready to leave as soon as he does. He goes to Charlotte's with groceries in hand and a fake smile on his face as he gets ready to make her breakfast. He claims to have forgotten an ingredient which she just so happens to have in her garden, giving him the opportunity to go downstairs and look for the ring, but just before he's about to the doorbell goes. Charlotte asks him to answer the door, and who else would it be but Sofia. They're both shocked to see each other, but when Ezra brings up the note that he left for her when he fled Mexico, she quickly lets her feelings known by punching him in the face.

Do you think Ezra actually wants to be a con artist? Are you hoping that Ezra and Maddie will get together? Let me know in the comments.

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