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Imposters - Maid Marian on Her Tip-Toed Feet - Review: "In The Game"

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Previously on Imposters, the Doctor recruited the Bumblers to work for him, Patrick may be overly motivated to catch Maddie, and Maddie's plans to take the Doctor progressed somewhat, but the mysterious texts put her right where the Bumblers are.

Maddie is on the move again as she makes her way to the Langmore cabin. On the journey there, she gets more texts from the mysterious number, who knows exactly where she's going and tells her to be careful because of it. Patrick is still very much on her tail when she pulls up at a gas station near Albany, and it seems she's inside for quite a while. It's a suspiciously long time for Patrick, who ventures inside to go and check on her, but of course, she isn't there. Looks like Maddie made him at some point when he was following her and instead hitched a ride with a trucker. Clever girl.

At the cabin, Ezra is punishing himself over the events that lead to his father's death, and Jules tries to give him some advice she learnt from her new friend Lenny. Ezra isn't in the mood to hear it though, and talk soon moves to the Doctor and when he'll be in touch and what exactly is next for them. All Ezra can tell Jules and Richie is that the Doctor will be in touch with them shortly, and for now they're essentially just expected to sit tight until they hear from him. Richie isn't overly impressed with that, and thinks the whole situation is just asking for trouble. He thinks they should arm themselves ready for whatever the Doctor has in store for them, and Jules agrees. She leads Ezra and Richie through the house and to a secret room, which surprisingly houses a lot of swords instead of the typical gun room you may find in a house like this.

Meanwhile, Patrick enters the gas station/rest stop looking for information on where Maddie could have gone. Unsurprisingly, people are not overly forthcoming, but once he announces that he's FBI, people quickly change their tune. The cashier tells Patrick all he needs to know about who exactly gave her a ride out of there and the general direction they were heading. It won't be long before he's back on her tail once again.

We get a quick update on Max and Sally, who are still holed up in a hotel room waiting on further instruction from the Doctor. Max isn't doing so good after being stabbed by Arthur a few episodes back, and with a wound that looks seemingly infected, he collapses as he tries to get out of bed. Would it be a twist to bring Sally back only to kill Max like this? Honestly who knows what the writers' endgame is for these characters at this point.

Back at the cabin, it's target practice time for the Bumblers, as they get acquainted with their new weapons. Ezra is having a tough time with his bow and arrow, but this may not be Jules' first time wielding an axe. Richie however, brings the comedy to the situation as he goes full on Braveheart with his sword. Someone's going to have to rein him in if he hopes of doing any real damage. Even with this imminent danger, it's a slightly carefree moment of the trio letting loose a little. That is, until Ezra really does set in on a target and takes out his rage over the situation and his father's death. He's been going down a dark path all season and I fear it's only going to get worse and culminate in something massive for him in the finale.

Back with Patrick, he manages to track down the trucker's contact information and get a hold of her, but it appears she's already dropped off Maddie and doesn't have much information to give about her. I like that she wanted to co-operate with Patrick but also wanted to protect Maddie at the same time, and I would probably be the exact same in that situation. The only piece of information she can give that is helpful is where she dropped Maddie off, and phone records tip Patrick off that Maddie is probably heading for the Langmore cabin and therefore reuniting with the Bumblers. He quickly says his goodbyes and makes his way there.

Downstairs in the cabin, Jules turns on the cameras and motion detectors, and shows Richie the secret tunnel that they have. Surely that's going to come in handy later on. Just as they're about to head back upstairs, Lenny shows up, but Jules doesn't appear overly happy to see her. I guess that's what being in mortal peril does to someone. As Lenny is inside and getting better acquainted with Richie and Ezra, Maddie shows up (sending a quick text to who she thinks is Ezra) and immediately spots Lenny's car. Maddie tries to inconspicuously make her way to the house, but the motion sensors make that pretty difficult for her. With time running out, Lenny lets on more and more exactly who she works for, and the Bumblers quickly pick up on the red flags that she's essentially waving manically in their faces. As Lenny reveals that she knows their names and produces a package for them, it finally clicks for Ezra that she is in cahoots with the Doctor and that he was the one to send her. Jules is apologetic for leading Lenny to their door, but Lenny says that she would have just found them anyway and it's nicer to do it this way, and she kind of has a point. The deal on the table is one job for their freedom, but it just seems too good to be true. There must be a catch that it's either an incredibly risky job, a job in multiple parts, or the Doctor will simply go back on that and they'll just keep having to work for him. Maybe Ezra will decide to stay on seeing as he appears to enjoy being a con artist.

Inside the package lies the details of this job. In Vermont is a Toby jug collector. One who bought the Toby jug from Richie's mom's house that just so happens to hold one very valuable ring. In order to get the ring back, the Bumblers are given new cover identities and support from Max and Sally once they arrive in Burlington. The simple task they have is to retrieve the ring and give it to the Doctor, but nothing is ever that simple.

It takes a while for Maddie to get close to the cabin, but once she does she quickly takes Jules hostage. It turns out she wasn't scared for the Bumblers at all when she saw Lenny's car, and she simply thought they were in league with Lenny and ready to sell her out and deliver her to the Doctor. I'm honestly surprised she jumped to that conclusion, but considering her lack of trust with everyone in her life and how the situation looked it is somewhat understandable that she thought the Bumblers were against her. Maddie demands to know how Jules knows Lenny and what she's been up to since they last saw each other, but Jules will only let her know if Maddie does the same in return.

Ezra notices that Jules hasn't been seen in a while, and takes it upon himself to gather Richie and look for her. As he's doing this, Jules and Maddie recap what the other has told them. They seem to be at a bit of an impasse, seeing as neither of them are overly trusting of the other, but Maddie must think there is some truth to Jules' story as she asks for more information on Sofia. Looks like someone might be jealous. Outside, Patrick is lying in wait.

As Ezra hears something outside, he goes to investigate and sees a woman with blonde hair quickly leave the cabin. He follows her to the pool, and lo and behold, it's Maddie. He's not as happy to see her as she is to see him, and he quickly sets her straight that he has not been the one who has been texting her (obviously). As Ezra fills Maddie in on what the trio is doing for the Doctor, and who else they're doing it with, Maddie is definitely surprised to hear that Sally is alive. She doesn't believe it to start with, but Ezra and the audience all know it to be the truth, and that's when it's revealed that she is the one who's been sending the texts to Maddie all along. I suppose it is a good way to keep tabs on Maddie, but then she reveals to Max that they're going to double cross the Doctor and presumably take him down along with Maddie. I know Max and Sally had the sweet scene where she stole medicine for him and then looked after his wound, but I'm really not sure if she can be trusted and I wouldn't be surprised if there was a triple cross situation in place and she was simply pretending to double cross the Doctor, or if she actually just double crossed everyone.

As Maddie finally joins the trio as a whole (that really took seven out of the ten episodes they have this season), it appears none of them are all too forgiving of her, but with all of them wanting the Doctor gone, it appears they have no choice but to work together. Soon enough, Max and Sally also show up at the cabin, where they divulge what Ezra has suspected all along; this won't be a one-time thing. The Doctor wants the Bumblers to replace Max, Sally and Maddie as his main con team seeing as Maddie wants out and is MIA to him, and Max and Sally are injured. Sally says that the Doctor won't give any of them up easily, and certainly won't allow them to cross him, so there's only one thing to do. Jules is not down for the idea of murdering him at all, but Sally is propositioning that the leverage his capture and handover to the FBI for immunity. Has he really committed that many crimes that the FBI would be willing to waive the charges of six others for one person? It seems unlikely when they're all wanted themselves and probably fugitives. As this is happening inside, Patrick has assembled a task force outside to storm the cabin and apprehend the five of them. Another agent takes over the situation, and whilst Patrick wants to exercise a little more patience, he just wants to go in all guns blazing. It doesn't pay off for them, as Jules notices them approach on the security cameras set up. That secret tunnel definitely did come in handy, as the FBI search the house, they escape through it and end up outside with the FBI none the wiser.

With Patrick being thwarted once again, he surprisingly gets a text, with a link to a website in his name. The video itself is from Ezra, wherein he promises to give Patrick the ring and the Doctor if he just leaves them to do their thing. By the look in his eyes, Patrick may have resigned himself to doing just that.

The episode ends with the Bumblers and the A team going their separate ways, but having agreed to take down the Doctor together. The Bumblers all say to each other however, that they're only willing to do this on their terms.

Do you think Sally can be trusted? Will Patrick ever be able to make an arrest? Let me know in the comments.

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