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Grey's Anatomy - Fight for Your Mind - Review

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I’ve always thought that when an episode goes by quickly and leaves me wanting more it means the episode was really good. Over the past few weeks Grey’s has been delivering episodes just like that.

This week we finally got to meet Alex’s mum. After realising last week that she wasn’t cashing the checks Alex sent her and worrying that she may be dead, Alex decided to take a trip with Jo to check in on her. Turns out she is fine and has a job. Now, Alex’s mum is a schizophrenic which made him have to take care of his siblings on his own so seeing her fine now years after no one needs her help anymore angers him. He takes his anger out using baseball whilst letting us know a bit more about his hard childhood. Alex quickly realises that he should be happy for his mum instead of being angry at her and so he goes to visit her again with Jo. Jo meets Alex’s mum and invites her to the wedding. Things seem to be going well so far but how long will that last in Grey’s?

Moving on, Arizona has been struggling with her daughter Sofia who seems to very badly go back to New York. This causes a dilemma for Arizona which at the end of the episode is resolved. Arizona calls Callie and tells her that Sofia will be moving back to New York and that she thinks she will be moving with her. All while this happened Arizona manages to persuade a woman is who is terrified of going into surgery (after her father died in one when she was five years old) to go under the knife. This storyline delivered by second favourite surgery sequence this season. I’ve always loved seeing Arizona in the OR and I can’t help but feel sad that this is the last time I’ll see that. Now that we know Arizona’s exit storyline I wonder whether the fans will get their Calzona endgame? It definitely seems as though Arizona still has some feelings for Callie.

The cliff-hanger from last week’s episode was definitely resolved very quickly. Roy came to the hospital for a meeting with Bailey and Webber. The two plus Jackson thought of the different things they could say in court and let’s just say none of them sounded good with ‘your honour’ added at the end. So, Bailey decided that she, even though she was very much against lying, would apologise to Roy however when it actually came to it she just couldn’t get the words out and instead she put him in his place. Roy will be coming back to work, but I can’t help but think that this isn’t the end of this storyline.

Other notes

Betty has run away from Amelia. I don’t think this will end well but I’m interest to see where it goes.

I missed the friendship between Arizona and April and I want to see more of it before the two exit the show.

I was surprised to see Meredith renaming the Grey method, but it was definitely the correct move.

I’m still not a fan of Maggie and Jackson.

I hate that Arizona and Carina broke up so early before Arizona’s exit.

Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below!

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