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The Good Fight - Day 464 - Advance Preview: "The P.P Tape"

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In 'Day 464', a Russian student visits the Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart offices seeking assistance in preventing herself from being deported later that week, Craig's case goes to trial, and Colin meets with the Cook County Democratic Committee.

You can't escape this season how much the show focuses on Trump. He's always there, looming, whether it's through TV coverage or influencing the cases that Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart take. This week is absolutely no different and involves both aspects of that. We open with an apathetic Diane watching the news, most probably high as her microdosing blows up into a full on habit, which involves Trump and goats. The proposed case is a pro bono deportation case involving a Russian college student who will be deported in four days. Diane is initially slightly disinterested, but once Marissa gathers some information on exactly who the student is and why she's being deported, it isn't long before a connection to Trump is made and the entire office wants to advocate for her. The case is absolutely bizarre but Diane thinks that all may not be what it seems. This allows the show to revisit the impeachment plotline and bring back Ruth Eastman, but she thinks shedding light to this case may not have the desired effects that the rest of the team think it will.

Elsewhere, Lucca, Maia and Jay try to find a lawyer who can represent Craig, but the gamble they take may not pay off as well as they intended it to. There's a larger interconnectedness between multiple different cases and characters this week, as Lucca and Colin help each other on multiple fronts and characters such as Madeline Starkey who are usually associated with one character or case, actually interact with different characters entirely. Colin also meets with the Cook County Democratic Committee to figure out his chances of being elected. Even with Lucca on his side, which is a major selling point for multiple people as evidenced in past episodes, it may not be smooth smailing for him.

The Good Fight airs Sundays on CBS All Access. Do you think the show will actually impeach Trump? Are you worried how Diane's microdosing storyline will pay off? Let me know in the comments.

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