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Station 19 - Reignited - Review

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This weeks episode of Station 19 was definitely an interesting one but is the show getting better or worse?

The episode began with Andy getting angry at Jack for not consulting her when making decision which affect the station. The two go into the Captain office, argue, kiss and hook up in the Captain’s room. I was hoping that as the show went on it would move away from the soap show like drama, but it doesn’t seem to be moving away from it whatsoever; you could argue that with each episode it gets closer.

The team is then called to a fire at a small bed and breakfast. They go in ready to put out the huge fire they’re expecting to find a tiny one in a pot. The team is disappointed that it only took one squeeze of the extinguisher to eliminate the danger.
Back at the station, Andy and Jack once again argue. Jack follows her into the Captain’s office and guess what? They hook up again. Meanwhile, Ben finds Vic practicing her firefighting skills with a simulation video game. The game is very realistic, and he catches her freaking out and throwing the headset onto the floor. She ignores what he says and runs away. Looks like she is experiencing PTSD from the blue fire; this could turn into a very interesting storyline.

Later, Maya tells everyone she needs to leave. She ends up at the police station to meet Ryan. She looks into a room and finds her bother sleeping. Ryan caught him shoplifting art supplies, he tells her that he recognised him from the streets. Maya doesn’t believe that her bother is homeless even though it has been a year since she last seen him. Maya thanks him for calling and heads back to the station. She once again knocks on the Captain’s door in need of her person. But after no answer she decides to go in and finds Jack’s uniform on the floor. She leaves the office obviously annoyed and confused. If done right, this could be another interesting storyline. I’d like to see more of Maya and find out more about her past.

The next day the team get another call to the bed and breakfast but this time it is serious. One of the sisters made it out but the other is trapped inside. As the team charges in Vic panics and Ben is the only one to notice and takes her outside whilst Maya puts out the fire. The gas leak makes a bunch of wine bottles explode and naturally the other sister is behind the flying glass shards. Bravely, Andy charges across and manages to pull the sister out of the house. But it can never be that easy. The sister inhaled a glass shard and is no longer breathing. Maya begins CPR whilst the others look at each other in defeat. But Maya doesn’t give up and the women breathes again. All is well, or we think so until Maya ignores Andy’s accolades for a good job. I loved the scene with the exploding bottles; it was both cool, exciting and created a bit of tension. If the show had more scenes like this and less soap like scenes it would be much better.

We then see Maya telling the story of her brother to, wait for it, Ryan. Could a new romance be on its way? Back at the station Jack decides to not delay the inevitable and breaks things off with Andy because he knows she doesn’t feel the way he does. But Andy doesn’t accept it and continues unbuttoning Jack’s shirt until her father catches the two in the office. Again, another soap show scene. Well, I wonder what her dad is going to say about this…

Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below!

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