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Quote of the Week - March 25th, 2018

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

The Alienist - 
1. Laszlo: “I hope that we might one day learn what compels a man to do evil.” Sara: “And to do good.” Laszlo: “And to do good.” (Claire Serowinski)
2. Laszlo: “We set out to find a monster, but all we found was a wounded child.” (Claire Serowinski and Dahne)
3. Sara: “I’ve never had an experience like this and I wonder how many more I’ll be allowed.” John: “Somehow I get the feeling you’re done with people allowing you to do things.”
4. Laszlo: “In every way, a perfectly normal and healthy brain.” John: “What does that prove? That he wasn’t insane?” Laszlo: “It proves we don’t know anything. God works between the lines.” (Dahne)

The Americans - 
1. Philip: "It is finally getting to you, after all these years. You're amazing, but it is finally getting to you."
2. Philip: "I know how tired you are, but I need to talk to you." Elizabeth: "If you knew how tired I am, you wouldn't still be talking."
3. Philip: "She's my wife." Oleg: "I understand. I left my wife and my baby boy to be here. I don't have any immunity, so if I'm arrested, I'm finished. If they catch me and send me back, I'll be shot. I'm here because the future of our country is being decided right now. And you know that. I'm sorry you have to make some dumb decision, too. I'll wait to hear from you." (DarkUFO)

Baskets - 
1. Chip, upon hearing that Ken wants to propose to Christine: “You want to be my dad? Please just don’t kill yourself like my first dad.” (Claire Serowinski)

iZombie - 
1. Blaine: "So What's new with you two?" Liv: "Oh, nothin' much. I guess the big news with me is uh, I saw you murder a couple guys." Blaine: "What? I did." Clive: "Where were you Tuesday night between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m?" Blaine: "I'm sorry, are we not gonna address the missing tooth?" Liv: "It's none of your business." Blaine: "And my whereabouts Tuesday night are none of yours. Unless you're charging me with something. Yeah. Didn't think so. Which means you didn't really see me kill anyone." Liv: "Oh, I saw you all right. I watched you put a bullet in a zombie's head, right behind a building. Another man ran over to help. And you shot him, too." Blaine: "That sounds an awful lot like a vision to me. The last I checked, hearsay evidence isn't admissible in a court of law, so I swear, you guys used to be better at this stuff." Liv: "You wanna see what I'm better at now, pigeon? Keep beakin'. I'll tune you right up." Blaine: "What What happened to us? We used to be the OGZ's. Now every time we get together it's all 'Where were you the night so-and-so was killed?' Hmm." (Samantha Benjamin)

The Good Fight - 
1. Nancy Crozier: Is my daughter's test in there? (Sam Dinsmoor)

Legends of Tomorrow - 
1. Gary: "Ms. Lance? It's Gary. Sorry to drop in on you like this." Sara: "What're you doing? Open your eyes, Gary." Gary: "Oh, hi. Sorry, I didn't wanna accidentally portal into your quarters and catch you and Director Sharpe, you know together." Sara: "Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore because we broke up." Gary: "Wait, what? Why didn't you tell us? No, no, you guys can't break up. I was shipping you so hard."
2. Ray: "What kind of world is this?" Gary: "Paradise?" Sara: "I'm surrounded by my exes, Gary. This is hell." Gary: "I had a dream like this once." Sara: "Yeah, me too, but mine involved less clothing." Gary: "Mine too." Ray: "Okay. Well, I guess this is why they declared 2213 a no-fly zone." Gary: "Director Sharpe didn't want us to find out that she's secretly a robot." Sara: "I did not have sex with a robot."
3. Damien: "Her face.." Nate: "How long has that been a situation?" Damien: "You know what? Since you're gonna die, I might as well tell you. The-the closer that Mallus gets to escaping his prison, the worse the situation gets. Don't... stop looking. Don't look at me. I'm just gonna I'm just gonna I'm sorry, it it's not you. It it's me. Torture just doesn't bring me the same joy anymore." Nate: "It's okay, you're distracted, I get it. You made a deal with the devil, now he's come back to claim your little girl. Am I right?" Damien: "Yes! I mean, I-I-I I wanted to burn the world down and rebuild it in my image, not lose the person I was doing it for." Nate: "Damien, this is deep stuff, man. Let's just keep digging. Let's keep digging. Just do me one favor." Damien: "Yes, what?" Nate: "Can you lose the cattle prod? I mean, I'm gonna die anyways." Damien: "Let's just make this a safe space." Nate: "Safe space." (Samantha Benjamin)

The Magicians - 
1. Julia: "Catching up on the news?" 23Penny: "My timeline was post apocalyptic, and it wasn't this fucked up." (The Quest for the Keys takes Julia and Josh to Timeline 23, where they meet a Penny who is in a relationship with 23Julia. Julia and Josh bring Penny back with them, because I guess you can ever have too many Pennys. He's reading the paper and thus the above quote. -Katherine Meusey)
2. Eliot: "I’m so happy you are dating a bear." (Marine Perot)

NCIS: Los Angeles - 

1. Sam: “There’s no way Mosley’s not gonna hear about this?” Hidoko: “No, there’s not.” Sam: “She’s gonna come down hard on us, especially you.” Hidoko: “I made a choice. I can live with it.”
2. Mosley: “Come on, Hetty, stolen weapons from Pendleton? I expected so much more from you.” Hetty: “I suppose after 3 months of living in a cage, I’m a bit rusty. But I’m curious. Why haven’t you shut them down?” Mosley: “Maybe I’m just waiting for the right moment so when I do shut them down, they stay down.” Hetty: “If that’s true, maybe you’re more dangerous than I anticipated.” (Dahne)

Rise - 
1. Lou: “I believe in the kids I teach. I believe in the truth. I believe in helping them to grow up in the sun and not in the shadows.” (Marine Perot)

Santa Clarita Diet - 
1. Sheila: "This was inside of me, Joel. My body, my ball, my choice." (Marine Perot)

Supernatural - 
1. Sam: "We don’t have a talking dog." Dean: "I don’t know, Cas is kind of like a talking dog." Cas: "I once lead armies and now I'm paired with a scruffy philistine and a talking dog." (Sam Dinsmoor)

Timeless - 
1. Wyatt: "Some men find a beautiful woman with brains intimidating." Lucy: "Well, Hedy just wants to be respected." Wyatt: "I wasn’t talking about Hedy." Lucy: "You find me intimidating?" Wyatt: "Oh no, sorry I didn’t mean you. Sorry." Lucy: "Oh, okay." Wyatt: "Come on." Lucy: "What?" Wyatt: "I just mean that you’re not hideous."
2. Wyatt: "You saved my life you know." Lucy: "Which time? The Alamo? Watergate? I’m losing count."
3. Rufus: "So how was your night?" Wyatt: "Rufus!" Rufus: "Don’t worry I’m not going to tell anyone. Maybe Jiya. Not Connor or Agent Christopher, but definitely Jiya." Wyatt: "Can you be cool?" Rufus: "So is this happening? Is it happening?" (Bex W)
4. Flynn: “What’s this?” Christopher: “Well if you ask me, a very bad idea.”
5. Christopher: “I can put in a request to...uh, get you a more secure situation. Maybe get you limited internet privileges.” Flynn: “I don’t want a Netflix subscription. I want to get the hell out of here.”
6. Lucy: “Hearst’s papers were hugely influential. I mean he helped start the Spanish-American War through his use of yellow journalism.” Wyatt: “Like fake news….but like actual fake news.” (Dahne)

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