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Jane the Virgin - Season 4 Finale - Post Mortem Interviews

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THR Interview

But you are writing to a specific ending that you have in mind and you know what it is?

Definitely. A bunch of pieces are coming together. We are heading toward the final chapter, certainly. Jane started to write at the end of this episode and it was the first words from the pilot. Her stories are coming together. The three books that we've seen her work on; her love triangle — I mean, if this is indeed Michael — is back but in a totally different form. We have reset things and the pieces are coming into place for how the ending will play out ultimately.

Getting back to that Michael twist, though — by the end of the series, will there be a choice between Rafael and Michael?

There will be — How can I answer that? There will be a wedding.

Deadline Interview

DEADLINE: Let’s jump right in — was this Michael or do we have yet another set of identical twins on the show?

SNYDER URMAN: Yeah, I cannot answer that but it’s not Michael’s identical twin, I can tell you that.

DEADLINE: So if Michael is alive…

SNYDER URMAN: Well, I’ll say, if that’s Michael and not some Rose twist…

EW Interview

Will we see any of Michael’s story from the past three years? Will there be flashbacks?

I haven’t really decided that yet. My hunch is no, but that remains to be seen exactly how we’ll open that up. I don’t really expect to but who knows? If someone pitches something delightful that’s worth seeing, maybe we’ll see it.

Does this whole situation mean that Rose will play a bigger role next season?

Yeah, Rose has her own love story that she’s pursuing, Rose and Luisa, which she believes is the greatest love story ever told so she’s in service of herself and her heart and also her secrets. This has to do with her definitely and has to do with where she’ll go as well.

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