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Good Girls - Summer of the Shark - Advanced Preview: "Back In Business"

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Summer of the Shark wasn´t my favorite Good Girls` episode but as every penultimate episode it was more of a set-up episode for the Grand Finale, but that one is a topic for next week. The girls went back to business with Rio but knowing what they know made the fear sneak up onto their desire to earn money.

So let's start with the part of the episode that really annoyed me. Mary`s push against the girls continued with her visiting Annie at her workplace and while it was a scene to be remembered the follow-up story is what my eyes roll. Of course, Boomer saw the play between Annie and Mary and went in for the scoop on that one. Boomer is really annoying and this story at least in this episode made me wanna punch a wall.

But now back to the good plot. The girls struggled what to do with the information they`ve got last week after Ruby realized the police got a snitch. And while Beth didn`t have any issues throwing the dude under the bus, so she could still play Mafia Queen, Annie and Ruby had an issue with snitching and indirectly killing the dude. And while they`ve struggled with the information, Rio wanted them back in business and smuggle a yellow truck from place A to place B. And while the promo revealed how this truck stuff will go down, you guys aren`t ready for the follow up scene between Beth and Rio, and no it is not in the good way we all want it to be. Christina Hendricks once again brought all the acting goods, the balance of emotional and irrational she brings too this role is simply on point.

But before the girls go to execute the mission they try to get some intel on what the police knows. So Ruby makes a move on her husband trying to find out more and the way she does it made me laugh so hard. Once again the most memorable moments of this episode belong to Ruby and her family. I love to see them 4 together just being a real family. The Hill`s are getting really good news this week and it involves some cell phones.

Annie besides being bullied by Mary, starts spending nights over at Beth`s cause she is feeling lonely without her daughter. And while that is very sweet and sad, her butting head with Doucheface Dean is priceless. I`m not sure the two of them shared scenes previously but I really dig their dynamic. Also you guys are in for some really good sisterly scenes between Annie and Beth and we definitely need more of them.

Last but not least the girls are making a major decision by the end of the episode that will alter the course of the finale and tease a hell of a season. Hope you've enjoyed my little preview and don't forget to tune into a new episode of Good Girls Monday 10pm Central on NBC.

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