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Ash vs. Evil Dead - Judgement Day - Review: Nearing the End

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We are certainly nearing the end of the season. This episode kicked us into high gear.

Ruby and Kaya are in a near panic. With the rift open, they know it’s not that long before The Dark Ones come through. Ruby’s idea is to add a new page to the Necronomicon that contains a spell to mask them.

Of course this means that we get a first row seat as to how, exactly, a Necronomicon page is created. I had forgotten that the book was written on human skin. I was happy to have forgotten.

Zoe, the last surviving Knight of Sumeria for this season, is the lucky provider of the skin. I gave her points for finding the strength to run for the door. Unfortunately, she doesn’t make it past the door.

Ash declares that he is going, finally, once and for all to deal with Ruby. (Pablo and Brandy’s reactions were the same as mine.)

This seems like an awesome time for Pablo to discover yet another El Brujo Especial power. (I knew I was going to love this power once he got it.) Pablo notes he didn’t get a manual. He probably should have asked for one. Hopefully, when the insanity dies down (if dies down), he’ll have time to figure out all of his powers.

Has anyone else seen the original version of The Greatest American Hero? The super hero in that show got a manual with his super suit, but lost it in 5 minutes. I’m actually surprised the writers didn’t do that to Pablo. It would certainly fit into the insanity of the universe.

Back to Pablo’s new Brujo power…Pablo can see through the Necronomicon. This allows him to give Ash the current location of the Necronomicon and Kelly’s occupied body.

Pablo heads to the rift to keep it secure until Ash gets there with Kelly’s body. Ash heads over to Prevett’s house to get her body.

When Pablo returns to the hardware store, he finds the rift open. The Dark Ones are on their way. Pablo tries to close it again, but the Dark Ones appear. Pablo clearly poses no threat to them, but they don’t kill him. They do, however, get the missing Necronomicon pages from him.

Ruby knows the moment The Dark Ones cross into this world. Ruby’s trying to seal the new page in the book when Ash arrives. Ruby tries to convince Ash to tell her where the rift is so that she can take the fight to The Dark Ones.

But she’s talking to Ash Williams. A) She’s screwed him over before, and B) He’s Ash Williams. He’s not going to cooperate. He tries to take Ruby out with his chainsaw, but Ruby crushes it. I must confess, I was a little traumatized by that loss myself.

I guess Ash interrupted the spell, because The Dark Ones show up and put an end to that fight. It takes less than a minute for them to dispose of both Kaya and Ruby.

I thought it was actually considerate of them to yank Kaya’s soul out of Kelly’s body, and return it to her own body before burning her to death. They simply suck Ruby’s soul into, I’m guessing their realm.

Ash grabs the Necronomicon and Kelly’s body and takes off. Ash uses the bloody thing as a radio to tell Pablo to meet him at the hardware store.

When Ash returns to Elk Grove, he runs into the Dark Ones. He can do nothing against them as they retrieve their Necronomicon. Uh oh.

Bigger UH OH to the giant Cthulhu sized creature that rises from the depth of the Earth to do The Dark Ones’ bidding.

All hail the season finale.

This was one of the best episodes of the season for me. All action.

Even Brandy got her own Deadite fight. She lost a thumb. I’m actually glad that they killed off Ruby. I’ve never liked completely undefeatable villains.

All the pieces came together to set up the battle between The Chosen One and The Dark Ones. I can’t wait.

How about you guys? You ready?

I think I need to pop some popcorn before the season finale starts.

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