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Ash vs Evil Dead - Baby Proof - Review: Brujo Especial

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It finally happened! Pablo came into his inheritance. He is now a brujo, well not Just a brujo. He is El Brujo Especial!!!

The tiny Pablito on Kelly’s leg, continued to harass her. It was all a distraction while Deadite Pablo went after Brandy. Brandy, taking after her father a little bit, grabbed the Kandariandaggar and stabbed Pablo.

It sent Pablo to the spirit world where he was able to talk to his deceased uncle, known only as Brujo, and “Naked Lady” (thankfully she now has a name - Maritsa).

In the real world Pablo’s skin is slowly turning black. I suppose it’ll all go black if Pablo fails the ritual the Brujo tells him he must perform.

Pablo must choose among three blood filled bowls. One bowl is filled with the blood of his ancestors, the other darkness. I suppose the third is a placebo.

(On that set two bowls wouldn’t have looked balanced. So, I understand why they went with three even though the dialog only referred to two of them.) If Pablo chooses the correct bowl he will get his powers and be able to help “the prophesied one”.

Did any of us have any doubt that Pablo was going to make the right choice? Pablo Simon Bolivar, El Brujo Especial wakes up and rejoins the fight. His prize for making the right choice, you ask? A big kiss from Kelly.

Pablo announces that things are about to get loco. About to get loco? ABOUT to get loco. Pablo’s definition of sane must be pretty unique.

Kelly sends Brandy to find Ash while she seems all revved up to go after Ruby on her own.

Ash met his “son” this episode. I liked the little baby chainsaw that looked like it had bone based teeth.

I was surprised that the blonde hitchhiker was still alive. She was pretty smart in the first part of the sequence. She saw Baby Ash and yelled “Shoot it!”

When Ash hesitated she grabbed the Boomstick and shot at the kid. Then she got less smart, in her panic, and never thought to break the glass to get out of the house.

After the hitchhiker was killed the fight got less interesting for me. Honestly, I was bored by the part of the fight where the kids climbed into her body.

It’s not a ding against the episode. It didn’t turn me off, like the coffin sequence did. It just didn’t strike me as funny or interesting. (The friend who does my grammar edits for my reviews LOVED it.)

Brandy and Ash hook up at the hardware store. Ash is excited because he finally has proof to show Brandy that he’s not a crazy lying person.

But when he pulls his “son” from the trunk, the boy, not surprisingly, looks perfectly normal. No chainsaw hand. Oh and the Sheriff is there just to make things better.

But between what she’s seen with her own eyes and the time she’s spent with Kelly, Brandy finally has the score. She’s got her father’s back. She yells for him to get in the car and they speed off together.

I’m glad Brandy’s finally come around. After this episode, I think she may be a fun addition to the team. I’m just bouncing up and down that Pablo’s finally gotten his mojo. Looking forward to seeing how his new power shakes things up. Pablo didn’t just get his mojo, he got power kissed by Kelly.

What did you guys think of the episode?

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