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Will And Grace - Three Wise Men - Review: "The Father, the Son and the Grandson"

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Grace is horrified to realize that she's dated three men from the same family. Will and Karen get on each other's nerves at the office until they bond over watching -- and producing -- their own little telenovela.

Will And Grace has always been one of my favourite shows of all time. It's so good to see those characters back at their best; even if it's been 12 years since their last appereance. It seems like they haven't aged a day. The authors know how to keep the stories fresh and adapting them to the modernity. And this episode is one of those.
Between works and other stuff, Grace has found the right time to date a man - come on, we all know she will eventually come back with Leo. But, in the meantime, let her have fun. Even tho, the old cliché of a woman dating more men at the same time it's not so original, Will And Grace managed to keep it original with this plot.

The intern designer is seeing James, who lives in the same building, but who cares? It's more convenient for both of them. While she's giggling, she gets dumped. Ouch. Thank God, Jack is here to support her - have you read correctly? Jack, who's having a monogamist relationship with Drew, the cop, is giving Grace his help. Hanging around in a bar, they meet Grace's former professor, Jerry, whom she had an affair with. Then, a young and attractive waiter, J.J., and it's suddenly love at first sight.
Things get complicated when she and Jack come back in her appartment: James is here and wants to get her back! Things can't get any worse when the former prof shows up! Suddlenly, the situation is pretty clear: James is J.J.'s father and Grace's ex teacher is James's father and J.J.'s grandson. At this point, you may want to ask yourself: am I watching Bold & Beautiful? One thing is for sure: Grace is "the prettiest girl in the world" they are referring to. For being with three men, Grace deserves Jack's respect.

Will and Karen haven't never really get along. Guess what happens when they have to share the same space at work. But Miss Walker's new hobby gets Will's attention: basically Karen is playing The Sims with her servants. They bond through that because they want to know if Karen's spanish cooks are somehow in love with each other. This is a job for Will. After reaching out an unbereable and sticky stalker who speaks Spanish, he goes undercover to make one of them jeaolus. The plan works. You know what they say? Tv shows can bond people. That's it.

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