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The Good Fight - Day 436 - Advance Preview

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This week on The Good Fight, Maia and Lucca join members of the Chicago Police Department on some ride-alongs, and Adrian and Diane take on a case protecting the First Amendment for a television network.

The episode opens with Lucca and Maia in a police precinct joining law enforcement for the night on a ride-along, on separate patrols. Unfortunately for Maia, or perhaps fortunately for Lucca considering her current state, her ride-along may be a little bit more intense than she was expecting it to be. There are car chases, ducks, old acquaintances, and of course not listening to what the police have to say.

This episode also puts Lucca back in Colin's path. After last week's episode we now know that Lucca is pregnant with Colin's baby, but that he is unaware of this. Their interactions so far this season have been incredibly tense and awkward but with the noticeable change in Lucca that we're seeing due to the pregnancy hormones, it might not be a stretch for the ice between them to thaw slightly.

Adrian and Diane's case this week is The Good Fight's take on sexual harrassment (and yes, it's their spin on the Harvey Weinstein events) and focuses on a network trying to air a segment of an exposé of a popular actor's sexual harrassment of his female co-stars. Granted, representatives of the actor in question are trying to have it completely shut down which is where Adrian, Diane, Marissa and Jay come in. It's really interesting that Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart were hired as outside counsel on this case, so we see lawyers from multiple firms, and that the in-house counsel for the case have complete transparency and gave the actor and his representatives a copy of the segment they were going to air and the right to allow amendments to it. I'm not sure why but for some reason I didn't think this was how things usually went so it was an interesting case to follow this episode.

The Good Fight airs Sundays on CBS All Access. How do you feel about all the Trump/political mentions this season? Do you think Lucca will tell Colin about the baby? Let me know in the comments.

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