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The Good Fight - Season 2 - To Tackle Sexual Harassment, Impeachment + Margo Martindale Returning; Rob Reiner to Guest *Updated*

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Margo Martindale Returning

TCA Teases

The Kings, speaking at a panel on politics and social issues alongside several other CBS showrunners, confirmed a few other hot-button issues that their series will be tackling in its return — including sexual harassment. The Good Fight will riff on Ronan Farrow's struggle to get his Harvey Weinstein expose on the air at NBC News by focusing an episode on a journalist trying to expose a liberal star on their own broadcast network, a fact that doesn't sit will with their bosses.

"We thought almost everything would have been torn apart on this issue," Robert King copped, acknowledging that it's been more enduring than they originally thought when they broke the story.

On impeachment, the predominantly African-American law firm at the center of the show will be among the firms vying with Democrats in Congress for the job of helping to prepare for an impeachment process. The aim is not to hammer Trump as much as it is to satirize the gung-ho determination of some Democrats and the possible over-confidence of winning big in November’s mid-term elections. “There’s an element of talking about it as if it were a coup,” King said.

“The Democratic Committee is auditioning the firms to take on impeachment hearings because they expect to [win] in November,” co-creator Robert King told reporters the Television Critics Association press tour on Saturday. “Our firm — because it’s a majority African-American firm — is one of the ones they’re pursuing. A lot of it is a debate about how he could be impeached and also going into the 25th Amendment. You also find when you get a lot of Democrats together that they’re talking about this as if it were a coup — so we’re not just looking at it one way. There’s a little bit of digging into the weeds on a lot of the legal issues surrounding impeachment, especially because [the Democrats] are really counting their chickens before they hatch.”

King emphasized that the show will be heavily satirizing the Democrats rather than merely prosecuting a case against Trump. “The Democrats are licking their chops at the possibility of turning the House over and impeachment,” he says. “So it’s really a satire of Democrats wanting to impeach a sitting president in a way that would make them angry if it were Republicans going after Obama … There’s a lot of argument among them — especially because Michael Boatman’s character is very much a Trump supporter. We wanted to see what the debate would be…”

“It’s pretty f–ked,” King says. “I mean, the 25th Amendment is not really a sensible possibility. The other thing is Audra McDonald’s character thinks that the way to prosecute impeachment is to be as shameless as to what they think Trump is — so to say they have the tape of the golden shower, but as soon as the people ask, ‘Well, where is it?’ [they would] pivot to the next thing. Don’t go after one thing like [Republicans] did with Clinton — with obstruction of justice or perjury — [but] to go after a whole plethora and move from one [issue] to the other. Again, we’re satirizing it. I’m not saying we support that. In fact, if anything, I would say we don’t support that. But it seemed like a very interesting way to represent the democratic intensity about how they’re going to [do this] … The bottom line is the best way to attack it is do the same thing: ‘When they go low, we go lower’ is the concept … You don’t know which one you support at the end.”

Rob Reiner to Guest

For the second season of The Good Fight, which returns to CBS All Access on March 4, Rob Reiner will finally get a chance to don the robe and gavel in the drama that’s a spin-off of The Good Wife. Details are scarce about the case he oversees, but he’s expected to appear early in the season.

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