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The Good Fight - Day 415 - Review

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Remember last week when I was talking about the lawyers dying storyline and if it continues? Yep, it does. Within the very first scene it's back. Another lawyer has been murdered by their client and the lawyers at Boseman, Reddick & Kolstad are up in arms about it. Just then, Liz appears for what seems to be her first day at work at the firm. Looks like she agreed to join after all. She thanks them for welcoming her and hopes to live up to the name of her father. They have a moment of silence for their fallen fellow lawyer, during which Diane and Liz share a look. Hmm. Looks like Liz didn't just take a moment to think about Dan, but Dan's clients. When Adrian asks her to speak to her father's clients, she offers to speak to Dan's as well. The others at the firm are uncomfortable with the idea of going after his clients so soon, but Liz is a shark in the legal water and hungry for blood. She wants to nab them before anyone else does. There's one specific client she wants, having information about him from her time at the Department of Justice that suggests he will be in need of a lawyer very soon. Adrian agrees to let Liz go after him. Diane is impressed with Liz's fortitude in client hunting.

After, Diane asks for Liz's help in Maya's case. Maya's prosecution starts today and since Liz used to be the prosecutor on it, Diane wants to know how her case is going. Of course, Liz can't divulge confidential information but tells her enough to know that Maya is doomed. But Diane implores her to help her help Maya, so Liz tells her the current prosecutor on the case has been handed all of Liz's cases and he's drowning in them so he'll want a continuance for this case, which they should not let him get. Oh, but one more thing. The prosecution has a surprise witness. Liz can't say who, but apparently it's devastating. Diane texts Maya the news.

In the courtroom, Maya and Lucca are facing the case. She's been tipped off by Diane that they should not let the prosecution get their continuance and push the prosecution to fight now. Lucca asked how Maya knows they aren't ready, but Maya can't say. Lots of bordering the law-breaking line in this episode, I see. Diane, Liz, and Maya are all pushing the legal boundaries of divulging information. I wonder how far they're going to push it. Anyway, Lucca tells the judge they've had three continuances and at some point need to fight. The prosecutor, Colin, argues that they need more time because Liz retired. Lucca counters by saying she was fired by Trump. At this moment, we see the judge. It's Denis O'Hare! Judge Abernathy, the famously liberal judge. However, surprisingly, he's more interested in getting Lucca and Colin to stop sniping at each other and have them shake hands and be civil. There's too much anger in the world already. They begrudgingly shake hands, and it's funny because Abernathy is like a parent trying to get his two kids to be nice to each other. Abernathy rejects the continuance on the basis of them already having two. Lucca thinks they've won until Colin's co-counsel sucks up to Abernathy and then asks him to remove Reddick and Boseman from the case, considering Liz is now working there. But, Abernathy stays on Lucca's side on the bases of Maya having a right to whatever counsel she wants and the fact that Lucca has been on the case since before Liz worked there. They're going to fight.

Diane and Liz talk to Dan's client to get him to agree to sign on with them. Problem is there's another lawyer also vying for his business, Tim Shefflin, who also happens to be Liz's rival. He doesn't appear for the rest of this episode, but it looks like the beginning of a future plotline.

Colin and Lucca run into each other at the elevator. It's very uncomfortable. She accuses him of sleeping with his co-counsel, of whom she is totally not jealous (except she is) which he doesn't deny. When the trial begins, the tensions are as high as ever. Colin's first witness is completely knocked down by Lucca. The second one is much more difficult, given that it is Maya's girlfriend Amy. Maya texts the news to Diane, who thinks Amy is the surprise witness. But, surprise! Liz informs her the surprise witness will actually be Diane.

Amy on the witness stand does not go well for Lucca and Maya. Colin brings up both the fact that Maya prevented Amy's father from investing in the Rindell Fund and the fact that she also proposed to Amy after the indictments of her father, indicating that Maya wanted spousal privilege so that Amy couldn't testify. It doesn't look good for Maya.

Back at Reddick and Boseman, Lucca sees Maya and Diane talking and puts the pieces together. She wants to know what's going on, so Diane tells her she's going to be the surprise witness. They're going after Maya's charity foundation, for which Diane wrote up the papers. Lucca wants to plea bargain with Colin, but Maya has another idea. Maya goes to Marissa and tells her about Rosalee. She wants Marissa to find Rosalee so they can find Henry, who has proof Maya is innocent, at least concerning her charity foundation. Despite everything, she doesn't want to put her dad in prison, she just wants him to give her this help.

Diane and Liz go out for drinks and bond. Liz talks about why she's helping Diane with the case. She's gunning for the U.S. Attorney's office because they wanted to oust her for that tweet she wrote about Trump being a white supremacist. Diane confesses that these recent string of lawyer murders are disturbing to her. She half-jokes about leaving the lawyer life behind and getting a new job, one where people don't get murdered by the people they serve, or just retiring.

Maya comes home to Amy and it's obviously awkward. Amy wonders if Maya wants to break up, but Maya is too upset and angry to even discuss it.

Marissa has found Rosalee's sister. She chit chats her way into finding out about Rosalee, who apparently likes to travel and doesn't have one place where she lives. She does, however, call her once a week. Marissa tells her to tell Rosalee that Maya is looking for her and to call them.

Diane is subpoenaed and forced to testify. Colin confronts her about her part in Henry using Maya's foundation to store funds. Marissa gets the call and Maya gets the chance to talk to Rosalee. She's nervous at first but gathers the nerve to speak to her authoritatively and tell her that she needs to talk to her father and get this evidence. If he doesn't, she's going to give the FBI information on how to find them. Now it really does look like Rosalee and Henry were/are having an affair, but the way Maya reacts to Rosalee makes me wonder if something happened between them, too.

Back in court, Lucca gets another slam dunk when she shows that Diane also helped with the papers of another non-profit organization of which Judge Abernathy is on the board. The papers were written so that funds for this non-profit and the funds for the company who runs it can also be mixed. Abernathy admits that this organization could be involved in a Ponzi scheme and he wouldn't know it, which means the same could be said for Maya. The prosecutors don't have an answer for this, but they have one last bombshell witness; Maya's mother, Lenore. They discuss what Lenore could possibly have to testify against Maya, who has another flashback of her mother telling her that they had problems but Henry had a system to offset them.

Liz tells Adrian they got the client she wanted. Then she tells him that Diane is thinking of retiring, and he should think about bringing her on as a partner to convince her not to. She tells him not to tell Diane she said this. Interesting.

Diane goes to the prison to talk to Maya's mother. We don't see what happens. We cut to Lenore about to testify in court. Colin questions her about what she told Maya the same night as the flashback. She says she doesn't remember telling Maya anything. Lenore looks very spooked, what did Diane say to her? He keeps trying to bring out the truth in her, but she keeps firm. Colin has nothing. Maya is grateful for her mother finally doing something good for her after everything Lenore and Henry have put her through.

After court, Maya gets the call from her father. She wants her father to turn himself in so she can go free and Lenore can get a reduced sentence to time served. He doesn't even respond to that. Instead, he changes the subject to the photo the FBI have of Rosalee in Dubai. In a shocking turn of events, it is revealed that the firm and Maya are helping Colin and the FBI find Henry's location by them getting Henry's location from the phone call. Maya begs him to turn himself in to spare her and Lenore from all this pain, but he just won't because he doesn't want to go to prison. Yet, he's going anyway because the Italian police have found him and Rosalee. Maya listens as Henry is arrested.

Wow, good second episode. I'm into this Lucca versus Colin, Diane and Liz versus their jobs, and Maya versus basically everything and everyone except Lucca and Diane. Plus, with Henry now going to jail, I wonder how Maya's going to feel about doing to him what he virtually did to her. Most. Dysfunctional. Family. Ever. Another thing to note is that during the episode we also saw that Diane is keeping a gun in her desk at work. It seems like she's getting paranoid. Although I'd hate to see Diane use it, this better be a Chekhov's gun situation where it is used at some point and not dropped. With Liz bringing up Will again and if you've watched The Good Wife you know what happened there, Diane having a gun on her seems very poignant.

What did y'all think of Day 415?

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