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Grey's Anatomy - Old Scars, Future Hearts - Review

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Like always Grey’s Anatomy delivered an interesting episode which gave us more insight into the past of a few characters.

Remembering back to last week’s episode, Meredith believed that Marie was playing her and to an extent she was right. Only being able to find positive things about Marie in Ellis’ journals, Meredith couldn’t help but be confused as to what could be pushing Marie to play her. After a conversation with Marie, Meredith learns that Ellis played Maire and kept Marie’s name off her most famous procedure which she won a Harper Avery for. Marie assures Meredith that she doesn’t want to steal Meredith’s idea, she only wants to finally get what is hers. However, how can Meredith be certain that Marie is telling the truth? Well, she can’t be and so she is left in an awkward position; announce that the procedure should actually be called the Grey-Cerone Procedure or let Marie walk away with her idea. After a talk with Webber Meredith realises that she would be dismantling her mother’s legacy without her mother being able to defend herself if she done what Marie wants. Marie isn’t budging and with the polymer and patent in her hand the mini-liver breakthrough will be known as the Cerone Method. I am actually really enjoying this storyline and I hope we see it develop more because there are many interesting directions it could go in.

Now moving onto April. The episode showed April hooking up with Tom. Personally, I am not a fan of this and it continues to show that this is not the April we know. Tom quickly catches onto the fact that the women living in her home doesn’t not fit into it and therefore he beings to dig into what happened to April. After a few failed ideas he hits the bullseye; “Crisis of faith.” April truly shows how much she and her beliefs have changed when she says “I just hate him [God] so much I wish he was” after Tom asks whether God is dead. This is a huge contrast to the April we first met who loved God and followed his every teaching. I truly hate seeing April like this, she is being self-destructive and considering that Sarah Drew is going to be exiting the show at the end of the season, April’s fate does not look good unless things change quickly. When Tom shares his struggle of losing his faith when his son was killed in a tragic accident he seems to get through to April until she quickly ends the conversation. It obvious that she is avoiding facing her feelings and in the end that could easily be her downfall.

Jo and Alex delivered my favourite scene in this episode. At the beginning of the episode we found out that Jo was applying for fellowship programmes outside of Seattle. Naturally, Alex is upset by this; he obviously doesn’t want to lose Jo but also doesn’t want to hold her back in her career. Jo explains to Alex understands that now that she is free from Paul she can do things without being scared he’ll find her and this is her first opportunity to do so, however he thought he was enough to make her want to stay in Seattle. And he is enough because at the end of the episode we see Jo romantically proposing to Alex and he says yes! I thought this scene was just beautiful, the writing and set both were fantastic and a huge shout out needs to be given to Camilla Luddington and Justin Chambers; they did a fantastic job.

Through out the episode we got to see some very interesting flashbacks. In my opinion, the most important one was definitely seeing young Alex and his mother for the first time. It gave us a lot of insight into what Alex went through as a child and teen. We also got some flashbacks for Jo who used to live in a car and Maggie who fell in love over a cadaver (were we really that surprised to see this?). I loved the flashbacks and a huge round of applause has to go the casting department because the young versions of Alex, Jo and Maggie were great.

Other notes

I still hate Maggie and Jackson together. I’m sorry but I just don’t see the spark at all and I can’t see them as a couple.

I’m still very confused as to the whole Amelia and Owen hooking up thing. I really wanted Amelia to move on, but I have a feeling this is going to be a big hurdle in that.

I want to see more flashbacks and character central episodes because there is still so much we don’t know about many of the characters.

Overall, a very solid episode which I really enjoyed. Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below.

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