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The Good Fight - Day 415 - Advance Preview

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As only a week has passed since the season premiere, much of the same issues come into play; lawyers are still being killed at an alarming rate, Trump is ever looming and present, and Maia's trial is fast approaching.

After Colin is appointed as first chair in the prosecution against Maia, him and Lucca just can't seem to help but bump into each other. It's oh so awkward, but we all know exactly where this is going to go. As Maia's trial starts, following three continuances requested by the prosecution, Maia and Lucca get wind of a surprise witness that the prosecution have who will 'completely devastate Maia'. Any guesses who that might be?

Maia's worries over going to jail lead her to enlisting Marissa's PI services, and it's great to see her in action and to get an insight into what she learnt from Jay over the course of the last season. Diane, unable to watch her goddaughter go to jail for five years, also gets herself involved in Maia's case and acts as behind the scenes, unofficial legal counsel for her.

Following Liz's appointment to Reddick Boseman, her and Diane spend a large amount of time teaming up together this episode. Diane ensures Liz takes over her father's client, and supports her when Liz wants to bring in the clients of the newly deceased lawyers. We also see them discuss old colleagues and acquaintances over drinks, and it's honestly just nice to see two female characters who clearly excel in their fields not be pitted against each other. As Liz settles into life at the firm, she may start making some power moves in order to fully assert herself as a name partner.

Overall, 'Day 415' advances Maia's story in a meaningful way whilst also bringing back key people from her life and is a solid episode.

The Good Fight airs Sundays on CBS All Access. Which character are you most excited to see return? Who do you think the surprise witness is? Let me know in the comments.

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